Preference Toric

  • Manufacturer: CooperVision
  • Packaging: 4 Lenses per box
  • Material: 43 % water content - tetrafilcon A. Visibility tint.
  • Availability: May be Special Order. Allow 2 weeks for delivery.
Eye Power Cylinder Axis BC Dia Qty Price/Box
R (OD) 14.4 $
L (OS) 14.4 $

Summary: Preference toric contact lenses have a proven, high quality, back-surface design, exceptional lens material and a quarterly planned replacement schedule. Preference toric offers superior comfort, clarity and convenience. Preference Toric contact lenses are specially made for people with astigmatism. Their unique lens design, durable tetrafilcon A material, and light blue handling tint make them extremely easty to handle while also being stable and comfortable. Key Benefits: EASY TO HANDLE DURABLE AND VIRTUALLY MAINTENANCE-FREE QUARTERLY REPLACEMENT SCHEDULE *Open boxes or vials cannot be returned or exchanged.
Brand: Preference Toric Contact Lenses & Contacts
Model: Preference Toric
Starting Price: $132.99/box
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