PureVision Toric

  • Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb
  • Packaging: 6 Lenses per box
  • Material: Water Content 36% - balafilcon A
  • Availability: Order today - most prescriptions ship next day!
Eye Power Cylinder Axis BC Dia Qty Price/Box
R (OD) 8.7 14.0 $
L (OS) 8.7 14.0 $

Summary: These remarkable PureVision Toric contact lenses are comfortable and easy to wear. Enjoy a unique, soft and silky feeling when you wear PureVision Toric contact lenses. PureVision Toric contacts are specially made for people with astigmatism. Their unique design and AerGel technology allows natural levels of oxygen to reach your eyes white reducing uncomfortable protein buildup. Now even those with astigmatism can enjoy clear stable vision without glasses! Key Benefits: THE WORLDS #1 TORIC DESIGN FOR PEOPLE WITH ASTIGMATISM DESIGNED TO PROVIDE 30 DAYS OF EXCELLENT VISION AND COMFORT - EASY TO REMEMBER TO REPLACE THEM ONCE A MONTH ALLOWS NATURAL LEVELS OF OXYGEN FOR HEALTHY, WHITE EYES
Material: balafilcon A
Water Content: 36%
FDA Material Group:
Oxygen Permeability (Dk): 24.3 at -3.00D
Oxygen Transmission (Dk/t): 101 (Non-Edge corrected at -3.00D) 91 (Edge corrected at -3.00D)
Base Curve(s): 8.7 mm
Diameter: 14.0 mm
Powers: +6.00 to -6.00 in 0.25 steps and -6.50 to -9.00D in 0.50 steps
Optical Zone: 8.5 mm @ -3.00D
*Open boxes or vials cannot be returned or exchanged.
Brand: PureVision Toric Contact Lenses & Contacts
Model: PureVision Toric
Starting Price: $54.99/box
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