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Prada Linea Rossa, formerly Prada Sport, is recognized by  its red stripe and for sponsoring the Luna Rossa luxury yacht in the world-renowned regatta, America’s Cup. The sailing event, known for its affiliation with many luxury brands and A-listers, attracts both brand and sports enthusiasts from all over the world - and so does Prada Linea Rossa.

The History of Prada
Founded by Mario and Martino Prada in 1913, Prada began as a leathergoods shop that also sold imported English steamer trunks and handbags.

Mario’s daughter succeeded him as owner before her daughter, Miuccia Prada, assumed ownership. Miuccia partnered with and later married Patrizio Bertelli, who persuaded her to discontinue importing English goods and to change the luggage line.

Prada released backpacks and totes, as well as shoes, before launching the classic Prada handbag collection in 1985. The women’s ready-to-wear collection was launched in 1989, followed by the first men’s ready-to-wear collection in the mid 90s.

In addition to its ready-to-wear collections, Prada carries leather and fashion accessories, shoes, luggage perfumes, watches and eyewear.

Prada Linea Rossa Sunglasses
While Prada Linea Rossa sunglasses share the brand’s characteristic clean lines, fine detailing and basic colors, the sun glasses line also incorporates a youthful, sporty aesthetic that is perfect for the active individual.

Typically priced between $100 and $300, each frame features the trademark red stripe, and each is designed with cutting edge materials and the technology to make them as durable as possible.

Look for sporty shapes like aviator, rectangle and wraparound frames. You’ll find metal, plastic and hypoallergenic frames as well. While the most common frame colors are the brand’s olive green and bright red combination, many frames showcase an equally refined color palette.

Sunglasses Lenses for Prada Linea Rossa
Lenses are offered in various colors and may be mirrored or gradient, properties which contribute to style and athletic performance. Learn the benefit of different sunglass lens colors by referring to our sunglass lens color guide.

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