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Carrera Eyewear
Sàfilo USA adds the ArchFlex hinge, another high-tech feature to its Carrera line, a brand known for its technological advancements.

Exclusive to the Carrera brand, the hinge combines flexible, durable beta titanium temples with a sturdy stainless steel front to allow temple mobility while minimizing the need for frame adjustments.

The ArchFlex hinge is available in five new styles, four metals and one Optyl/metal combination.

"The ArchFlex hinge provides matchless form for everyday function and durability. Carrera has designed the hinge to meet the demands of today’s active lifestyles, using architectural details that provide the ultimate in eyewear performance." says Dick Russo, Sàfilo USA vice president of sales.

Carrera eyewear features new developments in terms of technology and design; the main one is obviously the application of the new Igor icon to all the models. Some models have shapes that are squared, boasting a definite, technological design that ensures a perfect fit.

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Reprinted Courtesy 20/20 magazine
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