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Diesel Eyewear
Sàfilo Group launches its first Diesel ophthalmic collection in the United States. Targeting urban men and women between 16 and 35, the collection follows the edgy signature style for which the Diesel brand is known. Included are seven frames?one plastic, three metals and three plastic/metal combinations.

"Diesel is the most sought after lifestyle brand among young metropolitan consumers in America today. Its original and aggressive fashion message is reflected not only in its creative design, but also in its unique advertising and retail environment.

Diesel customers want to incorporate the attitude of the brand
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into their lifestyle. This new ophthalmic collection embraces that concept." says Sàfilo USA president and CEO Claudio Gottardi.

Dynamic colors are a major focus in the new collection and include such double laminates as azure/lilac, blue/yellow, red/violet and wine/horn. Metal frames have acetate temples in pale shades of wisteria, gray-green and violet-lilac. All of the frames are rectangular in shape. The Diesel "D" logo is displayed in coordinated colors on the temples of select styles and also engraved on metal endpieces.

Reprinted Courtesy 20/20 magazine
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