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Escada Eyewear
See more Escada eyeglasses from The House of Escada began in Munich in 1976 as the dream of Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley. The dream met with immediate resistance. At that time, the fashion market was dominated by well-known names? Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel.

Few were looking for another fashion collection, especially when it wasn?t coming out of Paris or Milan. Even fewer banks were willing to take the risk on an unnamed collection and a couple who were working with more enthusiasm than money.

The Leys met further adversity when the important international fashion fairs refused to grant them space. Unwilling to accept defeat, the Leys named the collection Escada, after a winner? an Irish thoroughbred racehorse. And Wolfgang Ley packed a Volkswagen bus with samples, traveling throughout Europe in search of clients and retail outlets.

Escada broke fast at the starting gate and sales skyrocketed, beating all odds. Wolfgang Ley took on the roles of salesman, financier and production and marketing director. His wife Margaretha, a former model for French couturier Jacques Fath, developed the fashion concept. In 1986, Escada went public on the Frankfurt and Munich exchanges. After the death of Margaretha in 1992, the Escada design team continued her legacy.

Today, Escada, still based in Munich with a wholly owned fragrance company in Paris, has 1,300 employees and owns all of its manufacturing facilities. The company has subsidiaries in the United States, Canada, Britain, Italy, France, Spain, Japan and Asia. Collections consist of the signature
Margaretha Ley collection, Escada Evening, Escada Couture and Elements Escada, a new line designed for young career women.

"Whether she lives in Toronto, New York or London, the Escada customer is an international woman. She has an incredible spectrum of abilities and faces many challenges, which she takes very seriously," remarks Wolfgang Ley, the founder of the House of Escada.

Escada eyeglasses eyewear collection is designed for the woman who loves a timeless yet contemporary look. Escada eye wear is the perfect compliment to Escada's apparel and accessories lines, using textile structures and colors.

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Reprinted Courtesy 20/20 magazine
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