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Luxottica Eyewear
See more Luxottica Group eyeglasses from Luxottica Group, in addition to producing their own line of innovative eyewear, also hosts a wide variety of name brands under their label. Names such as Anne Klein, Arnette, Brooks Brothers, Killer Loop, Moschino, Persol, Versace, and Vogue are only just a few.

Teamed up with so many different lables allows great flexibility in delivering the right style of eyewear to you. Luxottica caters to any age group. In fact, Luxottica Group has even teamed up Prada with the popular teen magazine, YM, to target the young fashion-minded trend setters.

The Donna Karan collection targets women between the ages of 30 and 60 to cater to the sophisticated, affluent woman with a sense of strong individual style.

"Revo is a brand that appeals to those with a passion for performance excellence. With its proprietary Light Management System, Revo offers the best of all worlds?lenses that eliminate glare and ensure optimum vision in all lighting conditions," says Luxottica Group director of marketing Vittorio Verdun.

Since Luxottica?s acquisition of Ray-Ban Sun Optics in 1999, at least 26 new styles have been added to the Ray-Ban Collection, and to the joy of many, they continue to add more every year.

Designer Luxottica eyeglasses are created with special attention to details. Composed of ophthalmic metal and plastic frames, the Luxottica eyewear collection is chosen by those who want a high-quality product.

Reprinted Courtesy 20/20 magazine
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