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Takumi Eyewear
Innovative Takumi eyeglasses eyewear use an exclusive, patented, front-mounted design for the Takumi clip on eyeglasses eyewear. Takumi frames use only the finest materials manufactured to exacting standards. Takumi eyeglasses eyewear combines luxury and convenience.

"Ever since we introduced Takumi magnetic eyewear, eyecare
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professionals have been asking us for more options in magnetic eyewear," says Ira Lerner, president of Manhattan Design Studio.

Takumi eyewear, a division of Aspex Group, introduces EasyFlip by EasyClip, the frame plus magnetic clip that flips up. The collection boasts three initial styles with clips that magnetically attach to the bridge of the frame, allowing the user to flip it up halfway or vertically.

See more eyewear from Takumi at Aspex says its clip is a great solution for golfers, drivers and those who work outdoors. The three styles are the fl501, unisex pillow, feminine oval, and modified rectangle. All frames have spring hinges and come in bronze, steel, shiny brown, blue, burgundy and black. The clips are polarized polycarb and scratch resistant.

Aspex introduces its first Takumi collection for kids and seeks to entice with a new EasyTwist Kids back-to-school promotion. Tik-Tak is the first kids’ collection for Takumi eyewear. The first six styles are metal frames with almond, oval, and rectangular shapes. All feature spring hinges and come with polarized, front-mounted magnetic clips.

The magnetic clips of Takumi eyeglasses eyewear and eyeglasses eyewear allow the wearer to add or remove their sunshades from their frames with one hand.

Reprinted Courtesy 20/20 magazine
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