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Oakley Eyewear

Oakley offers sporty, sleek, and stylish eyewear for both men and women. This means that everyone from fashionistas to FMX riders can find the right pair of Oakley sun or eyeglasses to fit their active lifestyles.

The Oakley brand is universally recognized and is synonymous with innovative, quality craftsmanship. Oakley is a leading name in sports eyewear because it offers athletes stylish eyewear that is made with cutting-edge design and technology so that it not only looks good but can also withstand harsh environments and truly extreme conditions.

Oakley eyewear exceeds the highest standards with its High Definition Optics®(HDO®), which were created to meet the demands of the world's best and most extreme athletes. Unlike others lenses that can skew and distort vision, HDO® provides optical clarity and definition without any image corruption. Oakley eyewear can also stand up to nearly anything that athletes can throw its way. In fact, Oakley premium eyewear has surpassed ANSI Z87.1 tests for both high-mass and high-velocity impact.

Oakley sunglass lens tints, like the brand's frame and lens materials, are made for pure performance. Oakley offers a wide range of lens colors from the Chrome Iridium lens, which is best in extremely bright conditions, to the High Intensity Yellow lens, which helps improve visual acuity in foggy or flat light conditions. Oakley even offers sport-specific lens colors that can help athletes track a golf ball on the green or closely follow a tennis ball as it flies across the court.

Oakley sunglasses can also be made with a prescription, and Oakley uses its True Digital™ lens technology to provide sharper peripheral vision, exceptional clarity, and to eliminate distortion. By digitally tailoring an individual prescription with a specific frame, Oakley offers the clearest vision possible in a lens that can handle just about anything.

Oakley builds its eyeglasses frames with the same care and precision it uses to make its sunglasses. Eyewear by Oakley is made with a three-point fit system, which maximizes optical performance by holding the lenses in precise optical alignment. Oakley offers both lifestyle and performance eyeglasses that transition seamlessly from the office to the outdoors. is an authorized Oakley dealer.

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Oakley Eyewear: Pictured is the Crosslink Pitch. is an authorized Oakley dealer.
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