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Snow Sports Eyewear

Goggles and sunglasses for skiing and other snow sports are designed to provide a wide range of eye protection, from blocking UV rays and glare to shielding against impact and the elements. Eyewear is an important part of the protection regiment for snow sports, so many ski goggles and sunglasses are designed for compatibility with your helmets and come with adjustable straps in order to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Many snow goggles and ski sunglasses feature anti-fog technology, like vented chambers and anti-fog coating, which helps keep lenses clear and your line-of-sight free from obstruction. Having a clear view of your path is essential to maintaining safety when you’re shooting down a ski slope at exhilarating speeds.

Ski Goggles vs. Ski Sunglasses

Don't underestimate the importance of comfort when you’re shopping for ski goggles or sunglasses. If you eyewear is uncomfortable, you are less likely to wear it continously and receive the crutcial eye protection you need in snowy environments. Snow goggles and sunglasses with insulation or lining, like fleece or moisture-wicking materials, help to minimize the discomfort of cold wind blowing in your eyes. Although not available with all sunglasses, adjustable straps on your eyewear also help to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Finally, wide, spherical lenses increase your field of vision, allowing you to ski all day without feeling fatigued by eye pressure or strain.

Modern snow eyewear is also designed to show off your personal style. From bold colors to feminine patterns, ski goggles and sunglasses are made to complement nearly any ski suit color scheme. Even better, your color coordination does not end with the frames: Many goggles and sunglasses for snow sports have a number of lens colors available, ranging from lime green to dark purple. And at least with sunglasses, one last style consideration to think about is the shape of the frame, which can enhance your best facial features while minimizing any flaws.

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Snow Sports Eyewear
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