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Spring 2016 Eyewear Trends Gift Guide

Spring & Summer Trends 2016

What better time than NOW to revamp your eyewear by jumping on some of the freshest trends springing up on the runways. Many designers are treating our senses to bold and colorful new lines. We hope you will find inspiration in our 2016 Spring & Summer Trends selection:

Re-imagined Classics

Looking for a sophisticated pair of frames that go with any outfit? We'll call them "go-to's"; the simple and dependable classics. But no one wants to be here are some fresh takes on those chic, minimal styles we all rely on; choose a professorial round shape, a retro browline, or just some gorgeous aviator sunnies that will never let you down.

Re-imagined Classics

Wild + Whimsical

This trend is all about mixing it up; no rules - just fun. Forget what you heard about what shapes and styles are right for guys (or girls.) We can ALL rock bright colors and metallics. And don't forget about space age textures and funky patterns - the only thing limiting you is your imagination.


Return to Romance

If you're a nostalgic type, this trend is for you. The warm antique-y details are guaranteed to add character to your look. Whether you lean towards the opulence of gold and lace, or prefer the simple. masculine styles that may remind you of an old family photo - these frames will make you LOOK cool but FEEL warm and fuzzy.


Energetic Allure

For you spirited people with a pep in your step, here are some athletic, outdoorsy-inspired looks to keep your energy levels high. Flash mirror shades and wrapped lenses draw inspiration from sport, while lava reds and ocean teals will keep you channeling those vacation vibes long after you return home.

Energetic Allure

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2016 Spring Trends inspired by Eyecessorize, The Vision Council's source for all things eyewear.

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