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Expert optician Sarah M. knows all too well the common mistakes of sunglass buying, as she talks daily with customers looking to make a purchase. Here, she offers tips on how to avoid common mistakes in choosing the best sunglasses.

1. Choose Frames That Cover the Whole Eye

Protect your eyes AND the area around your eyes by purchasing a frame that will offer great coverage. Sunglasses that cover the sides of the eyes will increase sun protection. Also, the skin around your eyes is very sensitive, and you can get skin cancer even on your eyelids, so protecting it is very important.

Wraparound-style sunglasses will offer excellent protection not only to the eyes but the sides of the eyes, as well. Check out the many eye-catching wraparound shades available at framesdirect.com.

2. Don’t Overlook Important Lens Features

Use polarized lenses versus tinted UV lenses. Tinted lenses may fade with time and will not reduce glare from the sun and other surfaces as well as a polarized lens. (Polarized lenses also cut down on squinting, thus preventing premature aging!)

That said, polarized lenses can make reading important digital displays difficult. If you rely on GPS or other technology screens in your car, you may need to pull over to get a safe, accurate reading.

3. Wear Sunglasses in Overcast Conditions and at Dusk and Dawn

Even though it may not be bright outside, UV rays are still present. It may seem counter-intuitive, but it is just as important to protect your eyes with sunglasses in less-than-sunny conditions. Additionally, you'll experience greater clarity in lower light if you wear polarized lenses.

4. Choose the Right Lens for Your Lifestyle

Educate yourself on the lens options available for varying sports, activities, and conditions and you'll see you might need to invest in a couple of pairs of sunglasses. You need a completely different type of lens to drive with than you would for playing golf. Think of it this way: You wouldn't wear dress shoes to jog in, right?

But, if you’re a jogger, framesdirect.com has the perfect sunglasses for you!

5. Don’t Play Outdoor Sports Without Sunglasses

Anytime you're outside, wear sunglasses—even when playing sports. Not only will you improve your game because you're not squinting, but you'll also have increased contrast and visual clarity.

Lens tint can be crucial, and different sports demand different lenses. For example, golfers may love the look of gray lenses—they’re the standard shade, after all—but a rose or amber-tinted lens will provide more contrast against the sky and grass, helping the white ball to pop and making reading the green a more successful endeavor. Why? Gray lenses flatten all colors equally across the spectrum.

6. Protect Children's’ Eyes 

Protect your children's’ eyes with UVB and UVA sunglasses just like you would protect their skin with sunscreen. The sooner you do, the less likely they are to get macular degeneration later in life.

Sunglasses are available for boys and girls, alike, in a variety of styles and sizes and many can be fitted with prescription lenses, too.

Finding the right pair of sunglasses can be overwhelming!. At framesdirect.com, we understand your problem and carry a wide range of specialty sunglasses to help you achieve the perfect look. Check out our Sunglasses Lens Color Guide to find lens colors suitable for your regular sunglasses or prescription sunglasses. All our top brands are available online in a variety of shapes and sizes and remember: sunglasses aren’t just about looking good—they’re an essential tool for safeguarding good eye health. 

Happy sunglass shopping!

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