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If you saw the last guest appearance by Joaquin Phoenix on the David Letterman Show, I doubt that you will soon forget it. The famous (now infamous) actor from Walk the Line showed up looking like he just crawled out of a dumpster, with a shaggy beard and long unkempt hair. Even Letterman was taking continuous shots at him with comments like, "So tell us about your days with the Unabomber," "Joaquin, I'm sorry you couldn't be here tonight," and other directly insulting remarks. Phoenix's demeanor and attitude was no less nasty than his appearance. He pulled a wade of gum from his mouth and stuck it underneath Letterman's desk, answered Letterman's questions with long bouts of awkward silence, and eventually just trailed off like he was high as a kite.

Phoenix, who is now promoting his latest film "I'm Still Here," is scheduled to return to the Letterman show on September 22 despite their on-screen differences during the last Letterman Show together. The film debuted last Friday, September 10 in the U.S. and is a documentary on Phoenix's retirement from acting and attempt at a rap star career. Based on the film's legitimacy (no one is quite sure if it is real or not), blatant drug abuse and other antics, it has received mixed reviews from the public and the press. The film was directed by Casey Affleck, brother of actor Ben Affleck and step-brother to Phoenix.

Here is a trailer of the film below, Phoenix appears to be wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarer knock-offs through most of the film (note the makeshift bandages on the sunglass arms in the promo poster.)

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