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Versace is known for their sexy and extravagant designs, and these characteristics are never more evident than in Versace's opulent eyewear collections. Sumptuous, rococo detailing combine with technical innovation make Versace glasses one of the most popular ways to make a statement - and to get a taste of designer style - without paying couture prices.

Versace's history as a fashion house, is as twisting and turning as the coils on the Medusa's head - who adorns the Versace logo. As many fashion success stories begin, this one starts with a creative young boy. Gianni Versace learned to sew at his mother's workshop in the 1950's - he designed his first gown when he was only nine years old! But it was not until he was twenty-five, in 1972, that he began to design full collections of ready-to-wear clothing.

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Gaining confidence from his success working for other designers, Versace launched a womenswear collection under his own name in 1978. Not confining his creative vision to clothing - Gianni saw his work as art and loved to collaborate with the worlds of ballet, opera, theater, and photography. In fact, his relationships with world class photographers like Richard Avedon helped propel Versace's vision into the mainstream. Soon he expanded into accessories and homewares.

Throughout the eighties Versace went from strength to strength; winning prestigious awards and having his collections not only shown on runways and sold in boutiques - but exhibited in museums. After a single decade of leading his own brand, Versace had already become a legend. Versace worked closely with celebrities, like Elton John, and helped launch the careers of many of the 90's supermodels. But right at the height of his powers, Gianni Versace was gunned down outside his famous Miami mansion, the victim of a serial killer.

Gianni's sister, Donatella would take over as Artistic Director, and his brother, Santo, would become CEO. Donatella had been assisting with photography and advertising campaigns, but would have to step into her brothers shoes. In the 21st century, Donatella brings her own flavor to the brand while maintaining the luxurious sexiness and the rock'n'roll edge of Gianni's vision. Versace remains privately owned, unlike many other luxury brands in the space. Donatella's looks continue to be popular with celebrities and the name Versace is shorthand for opulence and glamour.

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