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Contacts are a great alternative solution from wearing glasses. You no longer have to worry about walking out on a rainy day and having to clean your glasses every ten seconds. You don't have to worry about walking in your house from the cold, only to be met by a quick fog that will cover your glass lens. Although it is a great alternative, those with dry eyes may not have that type of luxury in wearing ordinary contact lenses due to the condition. Luckily enough, companies have developed contacts for dry eyes, making sure you feel all the comfort you possibly can.

Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses harness the power of HYDRACLEARâ„¢ so that you almost feel like you're not wearing your contact lens at all.

Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses harness the power of HYDRACLEARâ„¢ so that you
almost feel like you're not
wearing your contact lens at all.

One of the many recommended products is the Acuvue 1 Day moist contact lens. These lenses manage to attract tear proteins, giving you as much comfort as you can ask for. Not only that, but the material that these lenses are made from give create a smooth glide so your contact lenses can move freely. They also provide some great UV blocking as well as visibility tint, reducing the light sensitivity most common with people who have dry eyes. By working to reduce or eliminate problems found with dry eyes, Acuvue 1 Day Moist contacts for dry eyes are one the many sought out products for the occasional contact wearer.

For those who would wish to get more use out of one pair of lenses, then the Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear make a great product for those who wish to wear contacts for dry eyes for a longer period of time. Advertised to allow the wearer to use the contacts for up to one weeks time, these lenses also give you the same aid for dry eyes as the 1 Day Moist product. You are also able to use in front of a computer, whether at work or at home, without having to re-wet the lenses due to its all-day moisture solution.

Only a couple products from the various that are out on the market, the two mentioned above are highly regarded as to some of the best products for those looking to wear contact lenses for dry eyes. Similar in price, but difference in quantity and length of use, you can manage said products right where you can utilize them for a month, or perhaps even more. The end result will be the same, the ability to wear contacts with full comfort.

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