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Glasses can be cumbersome for a child, especially if your kid is physically active or likes to play outdoors. These kinds of activities can host problems for children that wear eyeglasses, like falling down with glasses on and breaking the frames, losing glasses while playing on the playground, or just setting the glasses down somewhere and forgetting about them. For these reasons, many parents and children would like to consider contact lenses as an alternative for their child's vision impairment. But this option prompts several questions like:

  • How old does my child have to be to wear contacts?
  • Are contacts safe for children's eyes?
  • Can children handle contacts on their own?

These are questions you should definitely be asking if you're interested in getting contacts for your kid, and here are some basic answers:

How old does my child have to be to wear contacts?

Since all children are different, there's no definite age bracket for when a child can and cannot wear glasses. Maturity is more of a factor than age, since children mature at different speeds and levels. The child has to be mature enough to be able to understand the responsibility of contacts, and then has to be willing to take on that responsibility on there. Once these steps have been met, you can move forward with considering contact lenses for your child.

Are contacts safe for children's eyes?

Contacts are designed to be safe for all eyes, regardless if they are a child's or an adult's. However, if your child has sensitive eyes, a previous record of eye infections or eye disease or is allergic to certain types of plastics, you need to consult with your personal eye doctor before you consider contacts.

Can children handle contacts on their own?

This is another question that is specific to each child. Though children of all ages may be able to physically handle contact lenses on their own just fine, the maturity of child will deduct if they are really ready for the responsibility of contacts.

All of these questions should be answered before contact lenses are considered for your child. As with any foreign object that you put into your body, consult a physician to make sure that contacts lenses are right for your children.

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