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Innovative online resource takes complexity and time out of prescription process;
visit the site and CooperVision will make a donation to New Eyes for the Needy

As eye care professionals increasingly look for new ways to speed in-office patient care, CooperVision is responding by dramatically reducing the time it takes to prescribe the best fitting option for contact lens patients.

The company today unveiled its LensLocator(SM), a first of its kind online tool that allows doctors to easily search across CooperVision's extensive portfolio of contact lenses to identify the most appropriate choices in seconds rather than several minutes.

The LensLocator can be accessed by practitioners from a computer or Web-enabled smart phone at http://www.LensLocator.com.

To help kick off the new site, CooperVision will be donating a dollar to New Eyes for the Needy for each unique visitor to LensLocator.com, up to $5,000. Endorsed by the American Academy of Optometry, New Eyes for the Needy is a non-profit volunteer organization that helps improve vision by providing new and recycled eyeglasses to children and adults worldwide.

"CooperVision offers one of the broadest portfolios of contact lenses in the industry, which provides practitioners with multiple options for each patient," said Mark Bertolin, vice president, market technology, CooperVision.

Doctors simply enter a patient's specific prescription, or any component of a prescription - such as sphere power, cylinder power, axis, ADD, modality, and wear schedule - into the LensLocator fields and then click on the search button. The tool automatically scans the entire CooperVision portfolio, ranging from spheres to multifocal toric lenses, and identifies options that contain all of the necessary information practitioners need to fit the patient. The site also provides a direct link to MyCooperVision, the company's secure e-commerce site, so that doctors can immediately place an order for the lenses.

To further speed quality care at the time and point of need, CooperVision's LensLocator tool has been designed to support the multiple ways that eye care professionals are working today. It will work on Web-capable smart phones and devices, including the iPhone and iPod touch, allowing eye care professionals to access a comprehensive list of CooperVision products while moving through a busy office, after hours, or off-site. The tool also provides an ideal resource for optometry students interested in what's currently available from CooperVision, new staff members who are learning about contact lenses and the options that exist for patients, and practitioners with multiple office locations.

The LensLocator is also accessible through CooperVision's practitioner website, http://www.coopervision.com. There, eye care professionals will also find an extensive range of resources for building their practices, including inventory and profitability calculators. When used in combination with the LensLocator, doctors have a powerful arsenal of tools to boost profitability and increase patient loyalty.

About New Eyes for the Needy
New Eyes for the Needy is a non-profit, non-sectarian volunteer organization that purchases new eyeglasses for poor children and adults in the United States and recycles donated glasses for distribution to indigent people in developing nations worldwide. The agency was established in 1932. Since then, New Eyes for the Needy has brought improved vision and hope for a better future to more than 7,000,000 people in the U.S. and around the world.

About CooperVision
CooperVision, a unit of The Cooper Companies, Inc. [NYSE: COO], is one of the world's leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses. Dedicated to enhancing the contact lens experience for practitioners and patients, CooperVision specializes in lenses for astigmatism, presbyopia, and ocular dryness. CooperVision manufactures a full array of monthly, two-week, and daily disposable contact lenses featuring advanced materials and optics.

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