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Why would an outdoorsman or outdoorswoman need night vision? First of all, night vision is used so one can be active after dark. If you hike at night, ski or snowboard, ride your bike, or run, night vision goggles can come in handy. Almost any outdoor sport or activity can benefit from having night vision.

So, how are the night vision devices made to see in the dark? Well, there are two different ways it can work:

* Image enhancement - it collects tiny amounts of light, including the lower part of the infrared light spectrum. It is amplified to the extent where human eyes can easily observe objects in the dark.

* Thermal imaging - this particular technology works by capturing the upper portion of the infrared light spectrum, which is visible through heat. Hot objects, such as a human body, would emit more light than cooler objects like a plant or car.

If you were camping in the wilderness, image enhancement night vision would most likely benefit you the most to keep you from running into inanimate objects. You can still pick up movement of perhaps an animal or a lost camper that might have strayed from the site. Suppose you go hiking in the woods and the sun goes down before you get out of the forest? These night vision devices could make the difference in finding your way out safely, or not.

Both types of night vision devices have been put to substantial use with search and rescue efforts. When someone has gone missing, that person has a higher chance of being located with night vision goggles, binoculars or monoculars in use. If the person was unconscious, a thermal imaging device would have been better to use in this type of mission. When searching for a fugitive, an image enhancement device may be better since the distance of the vision would be more beneficial.

A night vision device is a good piece equipment to have with you if you spend any time participating in outdoor activities, whether you are hunting, walking, biking, or running or camping. Deciding on which type of night vision device you want will depend on the activities for which you will be using them. Good night vision equipment should be included in every safety kit for outdoor type activities.

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