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Imagine waking up in a hammock with the warm sun in your face, listening to the gentle waves and smelling fresh fruit in the air. Stepping out onto the ground, you see the honeyed tones of the beach as your feet move through the sand. You see the bright blues and greens of the sky and ocean as you make your way to the shore. And completing this picture of paradise is your Maui Jim sunglasses.

Maui Jim Technology

To create the perfect pair of sunglasses for the full Hawaiian experience, Maui Jim combines multiple treatments into each lens:
Maui Jim Comparison

  • Waterproof and oleophobic coating - To shed water and snow and repel grease, making it easier to wipe fingerprints and smudges.
  • Anti-reflective treatments - To block reflected light and glare from behind, providing a clear view and preventing your eyes from fatiguing.
  • Two scratch-resistant coatings - To perform better longer and include more durability, added before and after the water-resistant coating.
  • Polarized film - To eliminate 99.9% of glare from flat, smooth or shiny surfaces for a clean, crisp view, making it possible to see below the water's surface.
  • Gradient mirror or tint treatments - To eliminate overhead and reflected glare, allowing light to pass through the lens.
  • Red, green and blue lens treatments - To enhance the view with distortion-free lenses, making color brighter and more vibrant.

If you get your Maui Jim sunglasses with prescription lenses, there is one other very important lens treatment:

  • MauiPassport treatment - To digitally tailor your eye's prescription to the lens and its shape, providing the clearest and widest view possible compared to untreated lenses. For some prescription sunglasses, the lenses are so curved that your field of vision is distorted when you look through them. The digitally surfacing of MauiPassport compensates for the wrapped lenses, allowing your prescription to enhance, not harm your view.

Now that you know all about the lenses, it's time to choose some frames. Check out the following wide range of styles and materials with these 10 Maui Jim shades:

    1. 103-Stingray - Sleek, rectangular-shaped frames made of a strong, lightweight propionate with a high-gloss finish, perfect for relaxing near the water or driving. And if you need a prescription, see your best with the 103-Stingray Prescription Sunglasses.

Maui Jim Lahaina Sunglasses

Maui Jim Lahaina Sunglasses

  • 450-Lahaina - Rimless, stainless steel frames with sturdy, non-corrosive temples and no-slip silicone nose pads. Wear them when you are playing sports, out near the water or just during your average day outside. Named after the village in Maui where Maui Jim Sunglasses were born, these are also available in the Lahaina Prescription Sunglasses.
  • 407-Ho Okipa - Semi-rimless, durable grilamid frames with bending strength so they will retain their shape and rubber nose pads for comfort. Named after the Hawaiian word for hospitality, you can wear them during fast-action sports or out on the water. A rimless version is available in the 907-Ho Okipa Prescription Sunglasses.
  • 246-Wiki Wiki - Men's square aviators made of pure titanium for lightweight comfort with no-slip silicone nose pads, perfect for formal or active events on land and on the water. You can also add a prescription with the 246-Wiki Wiki Prescription Sunglasses.
  • 111-Palms - Women's square nylon frames for light durability that retains their shape. With nose pads included on the bridge, wear whether you are driving, lounging until a palm tree or walking along the beach. And if you normally wear eyeglasses, see even better with the 111-Palms Prescription Sunglasses.
  • 525-Mala - Rimless shades with thin, lightweight temples and nose pads to prevent slipping. For a new type of experience the lenses are made of MauiPure, a recent Maui Jim innovation that is ultra-lightweight, scratch-resistant and impact-resistant.

Maui Jim Driftwood Sunglasses

Maui Jim Driftwood Sunglasses

  • 254-Driftwood - Monel frame front makes them strong and corrosion resistant, acetate temples make them durable and comfortable and silicone nose pads make them adjustable. Use in any situation, even out on the water.
  • 238-Pau Hana - Fashionable pair of rounded sunglasses that include a key-hole bridge and are made of acetate, a durable and flexible material. Wear driving, lounging by the pool or beach, or walking in the water.
  • 520-Honolulu - Rimless shields with temples made of zyl for easy adjustability and Rabalon nose pads for comfort. Named for the capital of Hawaii, you can wear these on the beach or out on the town.
  • 326-Freight Trains - Square aviators made of MauiFlex memory metal, a material that remembers the fit and shape of the frames longer than traditional metal. They are perfect for driving or lounging on the beach or in the water.

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