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Are your eyes red and puffy from staring at a screen all day? Office workers and gamers often suffer from dry, fatigued eyes from looking at computer screens all day.

We get a lot of questions at FramesDirect.com from office workers who are suffering from tired, dry eyes. So we're excited to introduce Gunnar Optiks, the first eyewear line specifically engineered to eliminate these symptoms for the intensive computer user.

Gunnar Computer Glasses

Gunnar identified four important factors that lead to eye fatigue (Computer Vision Syndrome) for computer users and developed a solution for each one.

Gunnar factor 1Optical Noise:
Problem: Glare is a problem among people who work on primary light sources such as computers. Scratches or smudges tend to intensify glare.

All Gunnar lenses have hydrophobic, oliophobic and anti-glare finishes. And incorporate fRACTYL lens geometry helps focus light.

Gunnar factor 2Optical Wavelength:
Problem: High energy wavelengths produced by artificial light sources, such as fluorescent bulbs and computer screens, contribute to eyestrain and fatigue.

Solution: Gunnar's proprietary iONik lens tints are effective at eliminating eyestrain and fatigue by specifically targeting and then shifting the high energy wavelengths produced by artificial light sources.

Gunnar factor 3Dryness:
Problem: Prolonged, concentrated viewing of computer screens typically results in less blinking, which leads to dry, irritated eyes.

Solution: The highly wrapped configuration of Gunnar's fRACTYL lens geometry sits close to the face and creates an ocular microclimate. This prevents dry eyes by trapping in humidity and blocking out evaporative air currents.

Gunnar factor 4Weight:
Problem: Wearing eyeglasses for extended periods can result in uncomfortable pressure and pain at their points of contact.

Solution: Gunnar uses a patented diAmix lens material that is extremely strong and ultra-light making them extremely comfortable for extended wear.

We're so confident that you will experience a better quality of vision and comfort when wearing your new Gunnar Optics computer glasses while working or gaming that we're offering a 30 day no hassle money back guarantee.

Place your order online for Gunnar Optiks Computer Glasses or if you need help, call one of our optical eyewear experts at 1-800-248-9427.

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