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When you discover that your son is due for a pair of boy’s eyeglasses glasses, it can be just as difficult for you, the parent, to get used to as it is for your child. You need to have a heart to heart discussion with him so he knows how important it is to his eyes and to the family budget that they take care of their glasses. Children are constantly active, especially young boys, so giving special attention to the type of boy's eyeglasses he’s going to wear is very important. Ok, maybe boys aren’t more active than girls, but they do tend to be harder on their clothes and accessories. Like most of us, children are prone to breaking their frames and lenses. They tend to misplace their glasses quite often, too. Don't worry, the older they get, the more responsible they will become with their glasses. Hopefully.

Tips for Choosing Boys Eyeglasses

When selecting prescription eyeglasses for boys, frame and lens material should be based on your son’s needs and activity level.

Choosing the Right Frames and Lenses for Boys’ Glasses

Gone are the days where the only choice in boy's eyeglasses were unattractive plastic frames. Plastic was the only material light enough and durable enough to withstand the slings and arrows of an active boy’s day-to-day. Luckily, alloy technology has improved so much that a wide variety of available metal frames are now considered kid-friendly. When selecting a pair of youth glasses, consider choosing a frame that is double-bridged than a single-bridge pair. Little boys’ noses are not developed enough to for their bridge to properly support the glasses. The double eyeglass bridge and adjustable nose pads help to keep their glasses in place.

Boy's eyeglasses generally offer temple options that either wrap around the head or over the ears with a fitted curve. It's a matter of preference as to which one works best for your child. If he plays sports, it's a good idea to make sure the lenses are made from a material that is the most resistant to breakage. The best material for safety is polycarbonate because it is lighter, thinner, and more durable than typical plastic lenses. For extra safety, sports goggles and/or sunglasses are a great idea. They are sturdier than typical little boy glasses and offer the best impact protection whether from other players or objects.

And don’t forget that it can get pretty sunny out there on the baseball diamond, soccer pitch, or tennis court! A pair of prescription sports sunglasses or some shade just to cut down the glare can help your all-star improve his game!

Boys’ Glasses: Additional Features

In addition, consider adding a scratch-resistant coating, spring hinges, nose pads made from silicone, and photochromic lenses instead of tinting to your son’s youth glasses. Spring hinges, in particular, are a feature that will greatly extend the life of your active boy’s glasses frames. Bows tend to receive the most handling and the hinges are, unfortunately, easily bent out of shape. Spring hinges go a long way toward reducing the likelihood he’s going to render his new frames unwearable merely from putting them on and taking them off.

These days, young boys are as fashion-conscious as young girls. When the time comes to select a pair of youth glasses for your little guy, make sure they’re equipped with the features that will make them last. You’ll both be glad you did.

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