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Everyone wants to feel like they are in the spotlight sometimes. Celebrities make us want to dress like them, buy purses and accessories like they buy and one of the biggest things we want to do that they do is to wear those high fashion designer contact lenses. After all, you can change your eye color with specialty contacts nowadays. You can literally change your eye color to coordinate with your clothes. Not only can you get colored contacts online, you can even get contacts that are themed to an occasion or holiday. It can be quite fun to have a choice of "eye looks" no matter what the occasion.

FreshLook Dimensions Contact Lenses in Caribbean Aqua

Fashion lenses are contact lenses that work with any eye color because of the way they are designed. Your eyes can be misty blue, amethyst or emerald green if you so choose. Keep in mind that when you need contact lenses to actually see, you might be more limited in your selection, but if you are buying contact lenses online for the look, you can buy anything you want. Among the lenses that provide high fashion contacts for anyone who wants to bring their eyes to life are Acuvue 2 Colours EnhancerAcuvue 2 Colours Enhancer, Acuvue 2 Colours Opaque, Expressions and FreshLook ColorBlends. These kinds of high fashion lenses are a great way to make your already beautiful eyes stand out even more.

While non-correcting color and special effect contact lenses are meant strictly for fun, they are still considered medical devices by the FDA and require a prescription.

This is the fourth of a series of articles on contact lens options.

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