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Life with a kid is an adventure on even the easiest days. Kids are busy—they climb, run, and roughhouse. They drop, break, and lose things. So, where do you start when you learn that your lively little needs glasses? When picking the best glasses for kids—from babies and toddlers to school-aged kids—there’s more to consider than style.

What to look for in kids glasses

When choosing glasses for children, a proper fit is necessary to prevent slipping. Kids lenses should be polycarbonate—a lightweight, impact-resistant material—and should always include UV protection. Scratch-resistant and anti-glare coatings can help provide clear vision, as well.

Glasses for little kids

The under-two crowd may benefit from durable glasses with cable temples or a strap to keep glasses where they belong. Otherwise, the glasses may slip and won’t provide appropriate vision correction. Littles love to explore the world through the senses, especially touch—and taste. Baby and toddler-proof eyewear from Zoobug can stand up to twisting, bending, throwing, and even chewing. They’re made from kid-safe materials like rubber and plastic, and are built for durability.

Kids glasses for sports

Protective prescription goggles, rather than glasses, are the best option for sports eyewear for kids. Goggles provide more coverage to protect against injury, and they’re designed to withstand impact. Get sport-safe eyewear for kids from brands like Liberty Sport and Bolle.

Glasses for the kid fashionista

If you’ve got a trendsetter in the house, or a little who wishes they were bigger, check out these pint-sized frames that are big on style. Your future personal stylist can step out in grown-up eyeglasses for kid-sized faces, or wow everyone with bold frames. For a stylish kid who wants to look like mom or dad, try kid’s Ray-Ban eyeglasses—this frame comes in a variety of colors so your kid’s personality can shine through.

Or, they can show off a trendy look like these semi-transparent frames from Juicy Couture.

Glasses for active kids

Climbing, bouncing, running, and more—kids sure know how to have fun. Active kids need glasses that can handle the bumps, drops, and crashes that come along with childhood. Look for spring hinges, rugged materials like plastic or memory metals, and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. These Easytwist frames can handle rough treatment—they’re made from a special metal alloy that is rugged enough to bend and twist, then spring back into place.

Rugged frames from Oakley are durable enough to handle whatever your kid can dish out.They feature non-slip contact points, so no matter how much running and jumping is on the schedule, these glasses are ready for the ride.

Glasses for kids who lose everything

A common frustration for parents is lost. If your kid can’t seem to keep track of anything, then get a few pairs of inexpensive glasses. A lower price doesn’t mean you’re skimping on quality. Pez eyewear kids glasses are ruggedly constructed, so when you finally find the missing glasses (in the dog’s bed, under the couch cushion, or in the bottom of the laundry basket) they’re ready to go again.

A bright frame might help when it comes to tracking down vanished specs, so check out the bold, easy-to-spot options from Carrera and Tommy Hilfiger. Zoobugs allows you to register your glasses through them, so lost or broken eyewear is covered for a year after purchase.

UV protection for outdoor play

UV protection is important for everyone—that’s why all of our lenses include UV protection. If your kid loves the outdoors, it may be worthwhile to choose photochromic or Transitions lenses. With lenses that automatically tint, your child’s eyewear will be just right in any light conditions.

Hypoallergenic kids glasses

Many kids glasses are made with hypoallergenic materials. Acetate, a plastic made from cotton and wood fibers, is hypoallergenic and durable. Look for nickel-free glasses or eyewear with silicone nose pads to help prevent allergic reactions as well.

When shopping for glasses for kids, look for safety, fit, and quality. After you’ve narrowed down the choices, let your child pick the frames that suit her style—she’s more likely to wear her glasses if she had a hand in choosing them. With the proper considerations, you can get a pair of glasses that will persevere through your kid’s adventures—and misadventures—and come out unscathed.

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