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In 1975, a man named Jim Jannard started Oakley with $300. He was driven by pushing the limits of industry standards and creating products that worked better. He first developed a motorcycle handgrip in his garage lab and sold it at events out of the trunk of his car. Pros praised the new design and its material that increased grip when it made contact with sweat. Today, Oakley creates eyewear products for action and traditional sports, as well as for everyday wear—keeping what they’ve learned throughout the company’s history in mind, but always with an eye on the future of performance eyewear. What began in a garage lab has grown to three decades of innovation for consumers, including countless athletes who depend on Oakley products in training and competitions.

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Oakley creates lenses for performance with a goal to provide a product better than any other lens on the marketPatented technologies like High Definition Optics (HDO) give buyers sharper,more accurate vision—with clarity and performance built for athletes.

Oakley’s True Digital lens design eliminates distortion caused by  high prescriptions in wrapped sunglasses for clear, crisp vision that gives users a wide peripheral view. Because different sports require different fields of view, Oakley also offers progressive prescription sunglassess lenses   fishing, golf, or cycling. These specially engineered lenses provide the best vision, whether on land or water.

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Oakley’s HDPolarized lens technology eliminates the need for glues and layers of films that distort your vision. These polarized lenses are created simultaneously, as a pair—rather than separately, as most manufacturers do—so the polarization matches perfectly. This precision in manufacturing by Oakley produces the clearest polarized lens you can find.

But Oakley also goes beyond clear vision. They go to great lengths to ensure that the customer's eyes will be protected behind their sunglasses. Lenses are tested under extreme circumstances with a lens material and frame geometry that provides protection against high velocity and high mass impact. If a mountain biker was riding down a single track and branch hit his face, Oakley lenses will protect his eyes from injury. Oakley goes above and beyond by ensuring their lenses not only meet, but greatly exceed, the standard. Oakley's secret to such high impact protection is Plutonite, an optically pure lens material that is incredibly durable. These lenses pass the most rigorous tests to ensure your eyes are protected from impact and debris.

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And of course, Oakley cares about comfort. Their Three-Point Fit ensures each frame is comfortable with or without activity. A pair of frames that slides off your nose can be distracting, and even dangerous, so Three-Point Fit was designed to ensure that each frame makes contact only at the bridge of the nose and behind the temples to eliminate the discomfort. Oakley sunglasses made with Unobtanium® actually grip tighter when they come in contact with moisture—like sweat.

Oakley's innovation is boundless. With so many lens options and performance materials, there is something for everyone. Protection from the sun’s UV rays, harsh glare, debris, and high-velocity impact—all in the sporty Oakley frames that reflect your personal style. As technologies continue to grow and change, Oakley stays ahead of the game with fresh products engineered to enhance athletic performance. Explore what’s available in both favorite standbys and brand-new styles from Oakley.

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