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Keeping up with the eyeglass world online is what we do.

Keeping up with the eyeglass world online is what we do.

The way we shop for goods and services has shifted significantly within the past few years. In fact, studies show that 89% of consumers prefer online shopping to shopping at a brick and mortar establishment. People have been shopping online for things like clothing and shoes for many years, but it is only recently that people have been turning to the internet for more personalized products, such as prescription eyeglasses.

The myriad of choices in designs, brands, colors, and styles of eyeglasses has grown exponentially over the years, so much so that most brick and mortar stores cannot even begin to keep up with stocking and storing the ever growing products of the eyeglass world. This means that when we choose to stick to old ways of shopping at brick and mortar retailers we are missing out on all of the choices the eyeglass world has to offer. So, why limit your choices?

Many people are hesitant to order eyeglasses online because it is a relatively new process, and they often don't believe that an online company can produce the same quality lens as other companies in the eyeglass world. The fact is, FramesDirect.com has developed top-notch proprietary technologies that help create flawless lenses that can rival any made in the eyeglass world. FramesDirect.com's pupil distance PDCapture℠ tool and its Digital Lens Technology℠ work together to ensure that lenses are made with 100% accuracy. FramesDirect's cutting edge innovations bring new technology to the eyeglass world that not only improves the quality of lenses but the process of buying them online.

The eyeglass world is constantly evolving, from the first crudely made spectacles and monocles to the high-tech lenses of the digital age and from the idea of glasses as pure necessity to eyeglasses as a form of expression of style and attitude. The evolution of the eyeglass world has not only improved the quality of the eyeglasses available but has also torn down barriers and limitations so that even the best and most rare styles are available to everyone.

FramesDirect.com has embraced the evolution of the eyeglass world by making stylish, name brand eyeglasses available to Internet shoppers who are looking for the very best in variety, quality, and price. FramesDirect.com also offers a team of qualified, professional opticians who are available to help patients choose the eyeglasses that best suit their style and budget. It is FramesDirect's commitment to changing the eyeglass world that makes it the world's leading online eyeglass retailer.

You can shop for eyeglasses and sunglasses online by visiting FramesDirect.com.

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