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For someone who is used to having cameras snapping at them night and day, I guess it's not surprise that Polaroid approached Lady Gaga for a camera sunglasses collab. Given that she also wears sunglasses like the rest of us wear clothes, Lady G is a prime candidate.

Polaroid recently announced that in their partnership with Gaga (she was named their Creative Director last year), they have plans to release a pair of sunglasses called the GL20, which have a built-in camera in the nose piece that allows the wearer to take pictures at will. After the pic is snapped, the LCD lenses allow the wearer to show their pics to their friends. There's also a USB drive in the arm of the sunglasses that lets the wearer download their pictures or send them to a printer. AND the shades are Bluetooth enabled so you can send them to a printer via Bluetooth (and why not use the GL10 instant mobile printer by Gaga for this operation?). AND the lenses have high powered lasers that can burn through 10 inches of solid steel (actually this part isn't true, but the rest is).

Lady Gaga's G20 sunglasses have a camera and two LCD screens.

The photos are 5 megapixels and there's a shutter button cleverly hidden on the side of the frames. The frames themselves are large, black and mysterious - total Lady Gaga style (minus the burning cigarettes).

There's a little controversy floating around about the privacy concerns with picture-snapping shades. Remember the night vision camcorder that could see through clothes, or the camera-embedded Nano that was banned from certain gyms? Some worrisome web folks think these sunglasses fall in the same field. So what did Lady G have to say about all of this?

"You can come to one of my shows and wear them. Take pictures of me dancing on stage."

What else can you expect from a 24-year-old mega star? Polaroid has yet to release a date that these sunglasses will be available to the public, stay tuned for more news.

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