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How can you decide which is the right contact lens for you? At first, ask your eye doctor about your vision problems. Are you suffering from hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism or presbyopia? He/she will tell you the answer, but it is also very important that the chosen contact lenses must fit your eyes. Lenses are available in various diameters and curvatures. The third factor is that you might be attentive on your eyes' dryness. Take into account also the lens features, e.g. the wearing time and color.

If you and your doctor succeeded in choosing the right contact lens, you will get a prescription and with that will purchase the lenses. When you finally have bought the lenses, another important step is to clean, disinfect and store right the lenses. In the past customers have needed several types of solution for keeping clean the lenses.

Due to the modern life, outlets offer multipurpose solutions, which are cleaner, disinfector and storage in one. So 3 in 1! Be careful! If you are allergic to preservatives from the multipurpose solutions, use a hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution instead!

PureVision Contact LensesIf you notice any problems during wearing lenses, then change them! This is the only one possibility. You can react different at the solutions or the parameters of the lenses. Don't worry! The range of contact lenses is very large; they have different colors, they provide comfort, good vision and eye health. Among the variety there are PureVision lenses, CibaVision lenses with Freshlook contacts and Color Blend lenses. They can correct all kinds of vision problems. Even if you suffer from astigmatism there are the toric lenses.

There are several places where you can buy lenses, including on the Internet. Discount lenses are very seductive for the customers, because they are really cheap, but be aware of safety of these purchases.

But if you better want to correct the vision problems by surgery, you can do it! Lasik vision correction surgeries offer good chances for the patients. Most of the customers, who have chosen surgery don't have to wear eye glasses or to use prescription contact lenses in the future. However, the results are very good; there is a little chance to need another surgery after the first attempt. During some leisure activities you might be advised to wear eye glasses, or during sport some safety eye glasses.

Now, you know all the possibilities, so don't hesitate to ask your eye doctor for the best solution to you!

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