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Many women choose to purchase sunglasses as a fashion accessory or to be comfortable when out in the sun. Women's sunglasses provide protection against UV radiation, sunburn and cataracts, among other things. Women especially like to wear them because the proper lenses can help prevent premature aging in the eye area. When you squint in bright sunlight on a regular basis, you may develop wrinkles. A good pair of sunglasses helps to prevent this. Many other medical benefits come with wearing sunglasses and most people are not familiar with these. Here are all of the benefits you can receive by choosing a good pair of eye wear.

The Benefits of Women's SunglassesUV protection remains a top priority when purchasing women's sunglasses. Look for 99% UV protection at a minimum. If you opt to go with a discount pair, this amount of protection will not be offered unless the sunglasses specifically state that they do. UV rays have been shown to be a contributor to cornea damage, cataracts and many other eye conditions. Many companies now offer sunglasses with 100% protection against both types of harmful rays, UVA and UVB.

Eyestrain and headaches may be reduced with a good pair of women's sunglasses. Migraines, tension headaches and many other conditions may be provoked by intense sunlight. The sunlight can lead to eyestrain from cornea damage or a number of other things. When you choose to wear sunglasses, you may notice a reduction in headaches of every type, and they may be eliminated completely.

If you tend to suffer from dry eyes, women's sunglasses can help. The sun produces both light and heat which can dry out your eyes. This happens when your tears evaporate. Good sunglasses help to keep the eyes moist so they can perform and focus properly. For this reason, when you choose to purchase a quality pair of sunglasses, you may find that your vision actually improves.

When you take certain medications, you might find that your eyes are more sensitive to light. If this is the case, you may be suffering from medication-induced photosensitivity. This is a condition in which your eyes become abnormally sensitive to light, both natural and unnatural. This is a direct side effect of the medication, and you may find normal light to be irritating to the eyes. Some experience pain, headaches or other problems as a result. Wearing women's sunglasses can prevent these side effects. They will reduce the amount of light that is able to enter the eye.

Photophobia is another condition that may be helped by wearing women's sunglasses. Similar to photosensitivity, this condition is not brought on by medications. Rather it is a symptom of another problem, such as an infection or disease. Photophobia occurs when one becomes acutely sensitive to normal light. Discomfort levels can range from moderate to severe even when normal light is present. This discomfort and pain may be reduced by reducing the amount of light allowed to enter the eyes.

Studies have shown that the effects of jet lag may be reduced or eliminated when one chooses to wear women's sunglasses. Jet lag is a biological condition that occurs when one travels by plane through different time zones. The normal biological rhythms are disrupted when this occurs. Sunglasses help by convincing the body it hasn't passed through different time zones. The amount of sunlight entering the eyes is restricted, so the body is less aware of the change in time.

In addition to sunlight, many tools used in medical and industrial trades emit UVA and UVB rays. For this reasons, it is imperative that workers in these fields have the proper eye protection. Welding torches are a good example of this, as are medical laser surgery tools. Women's sunglasses and goggles used for this protection are specially designed to ensure the worker receives the proper protection. Each industry has a different type depending on their needs. Specific types include blowtorch goggles, laser safety glasses and arc welding glasses.

As you can see, there are many ways that women's sunglasses provide medical benefits other than just protecting your eyes from the sun. For this reason, you should wear glasses at all times when exposed to sunlight or certain industry tools. Choose quality glasses rather than discount ones as they offer the most protection.

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