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Name: Ryan Hamrick

Instagram: @hamrick

Why do you love shopping on FramesDirect.com?

FramesDirect.comis the best site I've come across for shopping for sunglasses. I'm a pretty big guy with a proportionate, but rather wide face, so finding frames that don't look like comically small children's glasses is a real challenge for me.

But with Frames Direct, the built-in size filter played huge role in finding the right pair for me. I found another pair of sunglasses that I already have that are actually a good fit on me, checked the size of them, and then filtered out only the shades that matched my larger size range.

With the massive variety of glasses Frames Direct has available, this was immeasurably helpful, since I didn't have to click through page after page of frames, getting overly excited about certain pairs, only to find out they were way too small for me. I know that every single pair I was looking at could work for me, if I like them.Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.18.53 AMShop Ryan's Prada Sunglasses >>PR 54IS

What fashion trends are you loving right now?

I'm a big sneaker guy, so I love the fact that the jogger style pants with cuffed or elastic ankles and pin-rolling or "pegging" jeans is back in style.

A fresh pair of sneakers always looks great with just about any style, and showing them off is half the fun. So the style of men wearing pants that allow for the optimal flaunting of kicks is a big favorite of mine.

Why are sunglasses such an important accessory?

Well, setting aside the fact that a good pair of sunglasses instantly raises your cool level about 10 points (proven science), there's the obvious functionality benefit. Living here in Texas, there are more than enough bright, sun-filled days to take full advantage of a great pair of sunglasses.

Also, when someone interacts with you, the natural action is to focus in on your eyes. Therefore, sunglasses are an absolutely impossible-to-miss accessory that can really be used to tie an outfit together. Personally, I wear an awful lot of black, so my black Pradas just really set everything off, and give all the rest of the black I have on a strong feeling of deliberate purpose.

What's something outside the realm of fashion that inspires you?

I'm a lettering artist and designer, by trade, so anything with a strong sense of form and great use of typography or lettering is an instant win, in my book.

Within the realm of fashion as well, I'm always drawn to the creative use of lettering, whether it be in product logos, the designs themselves, whatever. But outside of fashion, I have countless friends and folks I admire.

SS&HH-LargePhoto via RyanHamrick.com

When and where were you most happiest?

My happiest moment in recent memory would probably have to be on my birthday in March. My 10 year-old son was performing in the school talent show, and he did an absolutely phenomenal cover of Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk to close out the show, and completely brought the house down. Nothing else comes to mind where I could say I was happier or more proud than that night!

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