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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the ability to see in the dark? To be able to move about freely and foresee all obstacles that would otherwise be hidden in the dark of night? Thanks to the invention of night vision devices, we now have the ability to see in the dark. Animals have this biological capability, whereas humans lack a tapetum lucidum. With the invention of night vision devices, it has increased the benefits of hunting, camping, fishing, military uses and much more.

Night seeing devices were used during World War II and since then, they have expanded to include a generation of many more different types of devices including upgrading of original goggles, binoculars and scopes. During the war and even today, soldiers found these night vision devices extremely beneficial as they allowed them to see enemies, obstacles and shoot with little light available. The Army usually uses two types of night vision devices - image intensifiers and thermals. Image intensifiers increase the clarity of objects by amplifying the light that is available, even light that is there that cannot be seen by the eye alone. Thermals are often used to see in the dark by thermal imaging. Objects giving off a high temperature, for example, a person would show up glowing red and orange. Trees and plants would show up blue (cooler temperatures).

Night goggles or glasses are very common for the average person. How they work is by electronic means. Instead of depending on a light source to amplify vision, they use the the light that already exists to amplify clarity. They are extremely sensitive and can be used for all sorts of things. Soldiers can use them, you can use them to go hunting in the night, camping, fishing at night, marine and wildlife observation, security and probably for the average person - repairs. It's convenient to have night goggles while you're working on a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, than to deal with holding a flash light.

Night vision has grown to include not only goggles, but to night vision binoculars and night vision cameras. They are a great asset to have and have worked wonders for those who already use them. Having the capability to see in the dark has saved people's lives, given them peace of mind, helped local authorities and has been an aid for everyone who needs to see when they really need it most. So, no need to be afraid of the dark anymore.

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