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You rely on Oakley’s sunglasses for every trip out on your bike—cyclists depend on unobstructed vision to make split-second decisions. Like many cyclists, you may have a certain fondness for the Oakley Radar or Radarlock style. Who can blame you? The sleek frame gets the job done and then some. Oakley has taken everything you love about previous iterations of this sporty frame and amplified the best parts in their Radar EV Path and Radar EV Pitch styles. So, in the battle of Oakley Radar versus Oakley Radar EV, is there a clear winner—and where does Radarlock fit in? Let’s break these sporty sunglasses down and examine the details.

Oakley’s Radar sunglasses are wraparound frames that feature semi-rimless styling and sports-centric design. They can stand up to tough use but are made for comfort as well as safety. The Radar line features interchangeable lenses so you can keep your eyes protected from dust, wind, and UV rays through various light conditions. Not only are the lenses able to be changed, but replacement nose pieces and Unobtanium earsocks are also available. These accessory kits from Oakley come in a variety of colors so you can craft your own personal look or replace worn out pieces.

The Radarlock frame makes an appearance between Oakley’s Radar and Radar EV. Oakley Radar and Radarlock are comparable in function, with the exception of the way the interchangeable lens system works. While the original Radars allowed for easy lens change, Radarlock unveiled the Switchlock changing system. A button near the lens engages the Switchlock system—after it is pressed, folding the temple arms closed will release the lens. Though the lenses release easily when you want them to, the sturdy frame won’t allow them to budge otherwise. Radar and Radarlock sunglasses offer similar performance and style.

Radar EV—which stands for ‘Extended Vision’—offers lenses with an adjusted angle and more height for a better field of view. This frame is built for athletes and excels when it comes to biking. Oakley improved airflow to prevent fogged lenses with re-designed vents that remain out of sight when you’re in the zone. A three-point fit and more grippy Unobtanium along the temples means these frames stay put no matter how hard you’re working.

Oakley Radar EV Pitch

How do you change Oakley Radar EV lenses?

Though the Switchlock system is praised for its ease, the Radar EV progression does not include this lens changing system. In fact, this frame went back to its roots with the original Radar’s technique for switching out lenses. 

Switching your lenses to suit light conditions, application, or just because you need a fresh set is straightforward, though a little practice makes the process go more smoothly. In just a few steps, your sunglasses are ready for the road or trail in sunny, cloudy, or low-light conditions—take your pick.

To remove your lenses:

  1. Unlock the nose piece: apply pressure to the nose piece and squeeze it together, then push it out of the way

  2. With the fingers of one hand on the frame and the other hand on the lens, carefully—but firmly—pull the lens downward. It will click.

  3. Remove one corner of the lens from the edge of the frame, the opposite side will pop out when the first releases.

To add new lenses, complete the steps in reverse:

  1. Hook one lens into the groove corner on the frame

  2. Hook the other side into the opposite groove

  3. Press the lens into the frame along the top edge

  4. Lock the nose piece back into place

Oakley Radar EV Path

What Is the Difference Between Oakley Radar Path and Pitch?

Radar is the name of the frame—so what’s with the Path and Pitch designation? These are two of the lens types available for the Oakley Radar line of frames. How do the Path and Pitch versions stack up? Oakley Path lenses are the smaller option—they feature an angled lens that works well for people with high cheekbones or smaller faces. Oakley’s Pitch lens offers more coverage with its taller, square lens, so it’s often preferred by cyclists with larger faces. When it comes to choosing between Radar EV Path and Pitch, it is a matter of preference. If you can’t decide, do both—because both lens styles are designed to fit in the Radar EV frame, you can alternate between Path and Pitch lenses should the mood strike. Though both Radar and Radar EV frames feature interchangeable lenses, the lenses aren’t cross-compatible between frame generations.

Radar EV improves on an already incredible Oakley frame for cycling. Radarlock’s Switchlock system may be preferred for lens-changing ease, but any Radar frame allows for the perfect tint for any light conditions regardless of the method. Need a prescription? No problem—FramesDirect.com is an authorized dealer of Oakley prescription sunglasses. Radar EV sunglasses are available with RX lenses to keep you seeing your best. Protect your eyes in style with sunglasses from Oakley’s Radar line—they’re made to keep up.

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