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As Persol etches its name deeper and deeper into artistic realms, the high-end eyewear company shatters the ceilings of corporate structure one campaign at a time. Persol sunglasses and eyeglasses, a blend of beautiful style and impeccable quality, appeal for emotional connection with wearers in the ongoing Atelier Persol art project.

Now in its second edition, Atelier Persol carves out physical space in stunning flash locations, inviting world-renowned artists to explore themes that are artistic cornerstones to Persol's design philosophies.

The Campaigns

The first campaign was pioneered by eight artists in a 15th century manor in the Tuscan hills of Florence. Designated suites were transformed into creative playgrounds for thematic exploration, like "Polished Precision" and "Shapes & Design."

The second campaign was set in a 16th century palace on the Giudecca Island in Venice. This time, seven artists used their unique talents to express the idea of the Phoenix, including elements of fire, rebirth and life.

The Phoenix Arrow

Since the 1930s, Persol eyewear has featured an iconic Arrow. Taking on various designs and names throughout the years, Persol glasses showcased the Phoenix Arrow in the 1950s.

To pay homage to this particular iteration and show its appreciation for the artistry involved, Persol dedicated the recent Atelier Persol project to the Phoenix.

See the Work

We were more than impressed with the fine art that came out of this campaign, which featured seven pieces. Check out the overview video:

Explore the products of such inspiration by taking a look at these Persol sunglasses and eyeglasses. Now you can shop eyewear and be a patron of the arts at the same time!

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