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In July of 2015, Bono, lead singer of the band U2, and Revo teamed up to bring basic eye care to those who cannot afford it. Bono, himself, was diagnosed with glaucoma 20 years ago and expressed his concern that others could be suffering with the disease with no sign of relief.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 9.37.39 AM

Revo Lukee RE1020 Capsule Collection Sunglasses

In July, Bono teamed up with Revo to start their "Buy Vision, Give Sight" Campaign, which donates 10$ (up to a total of 10$ million) for every pair of sunglasses bought. All proceeds of the campaign help provide basic eye care to low income families around the world.

Revo Fuselight RE1016 Capsule Collection Sunglasses

Revo Fuselight RE1016 Capsule Collection Sunglasses

Revo, founded in 1985, is known for its innovative work in polarized lenses. Its polarization was inspired by the NASA technology that is used to protect satellites. Today, they are known for their beautiful, colorful lenses on their sunglasses. Sunglasses styles range from sporty and innovative to high fashion and sleek.

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Revo Shotshell RE1017 Capsule Collection Sunglasses

This campaign will help an estimated 625 million people around the world. Framesdirect.com is selling Revo sunglasses to help with the "Buy Vision, Give Sight" Campaign. Framesdirect.com believes everyone should have the opportunity to see clearly and avoid the painful symptoms that are associated with untreated vision problems.

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Revo Wraith RE1018 Capsule Collection Sunglasses

Check out the blue lenses that can be seen on Bono in his most recent tour with U2.

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Revo Holsby RE1019 Capsule Collection Sunglasses

Shop Revo glasses here!

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