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Get the Job Done Safely with Safety Goggles

If you work in an environment where your eyes are potentially at risk of injury, it is very important that you wear proper eye protection. It is also important that eye protection you use is reliable and built to last. Whether you work on a construction site or in a scientific testing lab, your eye safety and protection should be a priority.

It goes without saying that the lenses of any pair of safety goggles or safety glasses are the most important feature. Safety goggle lenses need to offer excellent clarity while being resistant to scratching and damage. Even if your safety goggles are made for outdoor use and implement sunglasses style glare reduction, they should not compromise precise vision. If you wear glasses, you can even have safety goggles specially crafted to fit your lens prescription requirements.


A good pair of safety goggles should have frames that are: 1) lightweight, 2) durable, and 3) comfortable. Safety goggles should not be a distraction by being uncomfortable to wear. It's vital to your eye and overall safety that your safety goggles fit well. Ill-fitting safety goggles that slip or pinch can be a distracting and dangerous nuisance. If you have to repeatedly adjust your frames you can't fully focus on your task at hand and this can put you at risk. Frames should also be very durable and able to withstand a good amount of impact from flying debris.

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