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Unlike ordinary sunglasses, Gargoyles Sunglasses have been specifically designed to eliminate refraction by incorporating a patented Zero-Prism Design the Dual Lens Toric Curve. This Gargoyles sunglasses design minimizes the refraction associated with other designs. The information your eyes receive is true. And you don't have to work overtime to process it. The result is pure visual comfort without distortion, headaches or dizziness.

Gargoyles Performance Product Technology

Patented Dual Toric Curve

Gargoyles engineers discovered that the optimal lens design for minimizing peripheral distortion would require dual-lenses. In a dual-lens design, the optical center of each lens can be aligned with the visual center of the eye. This eliminates eye irritation, headaches and dizziness which may be associated with long-term use of competing lens designs—a key reason why demanding medical professionals and the military have chosen to wear Gargoyles.

The Gargoyles patented Wrapback design provides your eyes with as much peripheral protection as possible. Gargoyles provide up to 210 degrees of wrapback coverage without creating distortion.

Polycarbonate Protection
Gargoyles polycarbonate lenses offer such exceptional impact resistance that they can withstand the impact of a .22 caliber bullet fired from just ten feet away.

Our lenses are 50 times stronger than safety glass and 20 times stronger than structural aluminum. They exceed the ANSI Z87.1 and OSHA requirements.

All Gargoyles lenses guard your eyes with 100% UVA, B, and C protection. Our lenses are coated with a NASA derived scratch-resistant and anti-fog coating, which offers 30% more protection than conventional coatings.

Lens Mirroring
On select lenses, Gargoyles uses the most advanced lens mirroring processes available to control the amount of light reaching your eye. The technology is so advanced that up to 12 individual layers are used.

Lifetime Warranty
Gargoyles Performance Eyewear guarantees their sunglasses against defects in materials and workmanship for the Lifetime of the product.

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