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Meet The Sunglasses Snob aka Clay SollersHave you ever experienced a plane flight made dreadful by the person next to you? Well, while flying back from Vision Expo in Las Vegas last year I experienced quite the opposite. This was the best flight I have ever experienced and it was all because of "The Sunglass Snob!" I truly mean that in the best way possible and as I share my enlightening story, you will grow to adore this mystery man too!

Let's start from the beginning, when I began to shuffle down the aisle with my barely small enough suitcase, because I, like most, will cram my life in that one suitcase so that I do not have to pay for my bags to fly and take the risk of them ending up in another country, I swear the aisles got smaller. I know I just had two kids and still have a few pounds to shed, but my goodness, my bag could barely fit. I had to side-step all the way down the aisle.

As I approached my seat, I began to stare at my bag, and with my bag staring back at me, I wondered how I was going to heave this big ol' bag into the overhead bin, and in a lady-like manner at that. Oh heck, who was I kidding, half of these passengers were likely to have their head down on their tray tables already, recovering from their late night of Vegas partying. So, I thought, just do it. I heaved it up into the air, but had to rest it on top of my head if I did not want to hurl myself into the laps of those in front of me. Goodness, this must have been a pretty sight. I did however manage not to grunt. Points for me!

Okay, so where is my seat? I turned around and I saw a young attractive man with a big smile. I prayed, "Please let this be my row so that I get to sit next to someone social! And easy on the eyes! I get so bored on these three-hour flights and I need some entertainment for goodness sake!"

YES, jackpot! As I took my seat, he started our three-hour conversation with "Oh thank God you are tiny, because on my flight out to Vegas I was smashed up against the window and could hardly move, or breathe for that matter." For some reason, maybe the lack of sleep, I thought that was hilarious. Wow, talk about slap happy! Anyhow, we sat and watched every person who walked down the aisle with a glaring stare, secretly hoping that we would get the row to ourselves.

The flight attendant had said the entire flight was booked, with the exception of just a couple of seats. We had no hope, but in the end we actually lucked out. Now it was our turn to get the glaring stares. Once they shut the cabin doors, our row was full of nonstop laughter as we got to know one another. I laughed for the entire three-hour plane flight. I am quite surprised that we did not get booed off the plane with all of our obnoxious laughter.

I am guessing that most of the people on the plane who were returning home from a wild weekend in Vegas were none-too-thrilled about our antics. Here I was, a grown women, laughing so hard and so loud that I had tears in my eyes. They do say that laughter is the best medicine and for this young mother of two, unless you want to include my husband as well, who never gets to leave the house, three hours of nonstop laughter was just what I needed.

As we began to chat about life, loves, family and work, I had explained to him that I worked for FramesDirect.com. Wow, he opened his bag and there was his treasure. Captain Hook had a stash of high-end eyewear. I immediately thought that he was an attendee at the same convention I had just come from, but no, he was regular Joe from Houston, TX. So, why does he have so many stylish frames?

He is a sunglass snob, that's why!

As he began to talk about his lenses and frame materials, I must say, I was totally impressed. Resin? How does he know about resin? He had Oliver Peoples, Prada, Persol and more. Talk about shelling out the bucks! I love it!

He is a consumer that is not price-driven. He cares about the brands and the quality! I was loving it even more at this point because he IS my ideal customer.

We, too, pride ourselves on quality and we adore our high-end brands, so as he started spouting out Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani and Hugo Boss, amongst others, my jaw was still on the floor. What a character. I asked him why he had so many and he said, "Because I am a sunglass snob!" It doesn't hurt that he looks totally hot in every single pair he had, right?

Would you be surprised to know that this Sunglass Snob has been my friend on Facebook for the past year and I even tried to set him up with a friend of mine from his college alma mater?

Since a year has passed and it is time to attend another Vision Expo in Vegas, I sent my Sunglass Snob a Facebook message the other day in the hopes that he has another trip planned and we can sit next to one another yet again! Fingers crossed my friends!

Oh, and who exactly is this mystery man? Clay Sollers from Houston, Texas! http://www.facebook.com/claytonsollers

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