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Types of Tinted Contact Lenses

Virtually all contact lenses today are tinted, either to enhance their appearance or the contact wearer's eyes. Modern technology has even enabled contact lens makers to develop a lens specifically for athletes, so that they can see the golf ball or basketball with enhanced vision. These are the same companies that have been developing special effect contacts for the movie industry for years. Whether you're going to a Halloween party or want to change the color of your irises, here's a list of contact lens tint types so you can figure out which one is right for you.

Visibility Tint - The visibility tint is a light blue or green tint that is designed to make the contact more visible, especially in its contact case. Given a contact's transparency, without this tint they are near invisible against any background. The visibility tint does not, however, alter the color of the wearer's iris, or the color of their vision.

Enhancement Tint - The enhancement tint is intended to enhance the natural color of the contact wearer's iris, making their eyes appear more blue, green, hazel, or brown. The tint of these contacts also makes them easier to see when they are outside of the eye.

Opaque Color Tint - Change your eye color from blue to brown, or green to hazel with opaque color tinted contacts. Opaque tinted contacts are usually a solid color, and are made for contact wearers who wish to change the color of their eyes completely. The contact wearer can change the color of their eye to any other color they desire, with a natural appearing look.

Light-Filtering Tint - This contact tint is intended for sports athletes who need clearer vision for their activity. By dulling certain colors and accenting others, golf balls, basketballs, and footballs become more apparent and easier to perceive. Light-filtering contacts have also gained popularity with sports spectators, because of their ability to enhance an object's perception from a distance.

Special Effect Tint - Special effect tints come in various colors and designs, and generally appear surreal and festive. Also called Halloween or costume contact lenses, they are popular for movie sets, Halloween events and costume parties. Though they appear to be used for unique events only, they come in corrective or non-corrective form (but require a prescription) and can be used on a daily basis.

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