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Snowboarding is a very challenging sport that hundreds and thousands of people enjoy every year. It is a demanding sport and in order to be the best in the sport, it is important to have the proper gear. Next, to proper clothing, protective eye wear is of utmost important. Likewise, getting the proper fit, look, and color can make a huge difference. There is a large selection to choose from, however goggle lenses are one of the best choices. With that being said, it is important to choose the best type of goggle lenses for snowboarding. Weather conditions can play a huge role in which ones are best therefore it is important to anticipate weather conditions. Some of the main features to consider include:

  • Fit
  • Frames
  • Lens
  • Color

The first feature to consider when choosing the best type of goggle lenses for snowboarding is fit. In order to make sure they fit correctly, having your helmet and hat that you wear during the activity can help. Most of the time the goggles get strapped over the helmet or hat and this can cause them to stretch a bit. Once you have put them on, the face foam should feel snug, without feeling uncomfortable pressure points. You should not feel any air flow through the sides as this can cause the goggles to fog and dry out your eyes. Looking for frames that have foam-covered holes will allow air to flow through properly without causing them to fog.

Not only is the fit of the frame important but so is the fit of the actual lens. In order to consider the best type of goggle lenses for snowboarding make sure they have the following factors.

  • Double lenses to prevent fogging
  • Mirror coating to provide proper light filtering
  • Anti-scratch/anti-fog resistant

It is extremely important to make sure the lens filters the light properly to protect the eyes from UV radiation. This is another reason why knowing the proper weather conditions can be important. Clear lenses are the best type of goggle lenses for snowboarding in extremely snowy conditions. Yellow lenses also work well for snowy conditions but also will help increase contrast and brighten up tings around you. Another lens that is ideal for just about any weather condition is a pink lens with a silver mirror coating. This will increase contrast and will help protect the eyes during very sunny days.

Once you have chosen the best type of goggles for snowboarding, you will have the finishing touch on all the essentials for protecting your eyes. Always store them in a protective pouch and clean them as instructed. Not only will this make them last longer but will keep them in tip top shape to enjoy many seasons of your favorite sport.

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