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Find a pair of glasses to define your character. I'm not talking about your personality. I'm talking about seeing through the eyes of a television character.

Check out our top 10 TV characters whose lives you could step into with a simple change of eyewear!

Top 10 TV Characters with Glasses

  1. Who wouldn't want to be Liz Lemon? This 30 Rock character is beautiful, successful and head writer on one of the hottest television shows on NBC. She's also neurotic, insecure, and self-conscious. Either way, you can look like the head writer of TGS with Tracy Jordan with the Corinne McCormack Nicole Readers. These oval tortoise frames, similar to the glasses Tina Fey wears in the show, will make you feel just as much of a train-wreck as Liz.
  2. Without his glasses, he is Superman. With them, Clark Kent is a mild-mannered reporter who has a 70-year history of being known for his dark frames. Just as the interpretation of Clark Kent has changed over the years, so has his eyewear. In the Adventures of Superman TV series during the 1950s, George Reeves becomes the wisecracking, crime reporter with glasses similar to the Tommy Hilfiger 1033 Eyeglasses. Theses rounded, square-shaped frames make for a good disguise when you aren't flying above the clouds. During the 90s with Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Dean Cain brings a new interpretation of Clark with glasses similar to the Shuron Ronsir Timberline Eyeglasses. These frames also hide his identity well, as all his coworkers come in contact with Superman many times and never recognize him.
  3. Ray-Ban RX5228 Eyeglasses

    Ray-Ban RX5228 Eyeglasses

  4. Going for the adorkable look, Jess Day in the show New Girl personifies a combination of nerdy and cutesy, whether she is narrating her life through song or donning her large fake teeth. To go along with her indie manic-pixie-dream-girl style, Jess occasionally wears some large rimmed glasses, similar to the Ray-Ban RX5228 Eyeglasses. Just when you thought that Zooey Deschanel couldn't be any more bubbly, these rectangular frames add that extra level of quirkiness.
  5. The world of advertising in the 1960s has never been so glamorous. And with the 60s being known for the fashion decade it was, it's only natural that the characters in Mad Men wear the iconic styles. Played by Jon Hamm, advertising executive Don Draper, in his sleek and fashionable suits styled after the era, completes the image with some vintage-style aviators, similar to the RayBan RB3136 Caravan Sunglasses. Put on these square-shaped aviators, and you too can embody the nostalgia and arrogance of the Don's character at the same time.
  6. Cartoon characters can have bad eyesight when it is convenient for their personality and the storyline. On Scooby-Doo, Velma Dinkley‘s glasses prove that she is the smart one in all ways except figuring how not to lose her glasses every time the gang is being chased by another masked monster. Looking very similar to the Lafont Foujita Eyeglasses, these square-shaped frames give Velma the ability to solve the mystery.
  7. Luxottica LU1222T Eyeglasses

    Luxottica LU1222T Eyeglasses

  8. Most offices have that person who takes himself/herself too seriously, acts superior to coworkers and has an enduring love for the system. In The Office, Dwight Schrute, played by Rainn Wilson, is that person. In your office, that person could be you with Dwight's glasses. Similar to the Luxottica LU1222T Eyeglasses, these frames demand respect. Now whether people actually listen to that demand is a different story.
  9. Even though Ugly Betty has been off the air for a few years, most people still remember America Ferrera's look in the show: glasses, braces and no fashion sense. While her character evolved throughout the series, Betty‘s glasses remained constant. Similar to the Lafont Tara Eyeglasses, these red, oval frames with slightly angular sides give Betty a personality that makes her stand out.
  10. Shuron Sidewinder Eyeglasses

    Shuron Sidewinder Eyeglasses

  11. Balancing out Don's arrogance in Mad Men is Harry Crane, played by Rich Sommer, media buyer for the advertising firm. As part of Harry's determined personality, he wears a wayfarer-style similar to the Shuron Sidewinder Eyeglasses. The black fading to clear of these vintage-style eyewear frames will give you the power to move up in your company, just like Harry did.
  12. Eyeglasses can support the darker side of a character, as they do with Walter White in Breaking Bad. The series follows this high school chemistry teacher, played by Bryan Cranston, as he deals with lung cancer and turns to a life of crime to make money for his family. As Walter gets sicker and falls deeper into his secret life, his clothes and hair change, but his eyeglasses, similar to the Giorgio Armani 864 Eyeglasses, stay the same.
  13. Movie stars have always known how to rock sunglasses, whether in television or in their real life. That's why Uma Thurman wears the Burberry BE4103 Sunglasses so well in the new musical drama Smash, where she plays a famous actress who wants to star as Marilyn Monroe in a Broadway musical. Thurman pulls off the look of confidence and determination in these oversized frames.
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