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Full Size Video: Stark HUD 20/20 Sunglasses

Are these sunglasses real? Is it possible to social network through a hand-less device attached to your face? Has 2001, A Space Odyssey finally come to reality even though it's 9 years overdue? And most importantly, has our civilization finally reached the level of human contact paranoia that we'd rather strap digital devices to our faces than communicate directly? According to this video, the answer is yes to all of the above.

Here's the catch: This video, a promo for StarkHUD 2020 augmented reality sunglasses, boasts that these shades have digital screens in the lenses that are Wi-Fi capable, so wearers can surf the net, socialize via online networking, and basically do everything that's capable on your iPhone. Menu sidebars pop up right in front of your eyes that are navigable through voice activation and touching non-existent buttons in the air.

Here's the second catch: Despite what you may have read in other random blog posts, these sunglasses are not real. It's actually a social media campaign for Iron Man 2, and a rather clever one at that. Sorry to disappoint anyone who was salivating over these futuristic shades, but I'm sure devices like this will be available in the very near future - for better or for worse. Until then, let's enjoy socializing face to face without the intermission of electronics and sunglass apps while we still can.

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