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What Are Wiley X Black Ops Sunglasses?

The hunt for aesthetically pleasing and safe sunglasses will, in all likelihood, lead you to Wiley X Black Ops

Formed in 1987 by Myles Freeman Sr.—a military veteran— with eventual help from sons Dan and Myles Jr., Wiley X sunglasses were initially designed to protect the eyes of those individuals doing the dangerous work of protecting America. Wiley X was, and remains, an important source of protective eyewear for military forces around the globe. The sunglasses were so effective and popular with active-duty military and retired veterans, they’ve since enjoyed crossover appeal for almost all outdoor sports—adding edge and protection to bikers, hunters, and sportsmen.

What Does Black Ops Mean?

Short for “black operation,” Black Ops is a covert or clandestine operation.

It’s no surprise, then, that Wiley X is a supplier of protective eyewear for the FBI, DEA, the Navy Seals, and a host of other elite-level U.S. military and law enforcement agencies due to the superior protection they provide.

Designed to excel in the mysterious realm of covert operations, Black Ops frames include a matte black finished and blacked out WX temple logos.

Are Wiley X Black Ops Sunglasses Safe?

Wiley X, including the Black Ops collection, is the only top-end manufacturer on the planet whose entire line of adult sunglasses either meets or exceeds OSHA eyewear standards. WX is actually the only premium maker whose entire slate of offerings are 100% ANSI Z871.-2010 safety rated in the U.S. for High Mass Impact/High Velocity and Optical standards. On top of that, almost all their models are EN.166 rated, meeting European safety standards.

Many other eyewear makers meet the less protective ANSI Z80.3 standard, but WX eyewear goes beyond that. Well beyond. Several WX products meet or exceed MIL-PRF-32432(GL) military ballistic impact standards for spectacles and goggles.

WX offers serious protection for serious people doing serious things.

Do WX Lenses Provide UV Protection?

Yes, they do. All WX lenses provide 100% protection against both UVA and UVB rays. For now, at least, the atmosphere takes care of UVC rays.

Wiley X Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized lenses have long been popular with fishermen and those working on the water to cut down distracting and sometimes harmful glare. These days, just about everyone wants polarized lenses and it turns out that polarization is great for almost any outdoor work or play, including driving. Polarized lenses can help anywhere glare is, or might be, a problem.

If you’re not sure whether or not your new WX Black Ops sunglasses are polarized, hold your frames at arm's length and look in the bottom right corner of the left lens for the word “POLARIZED.” If it’s there then your lenses are polarized. If it’s not there, send a quick question to FramesDirect.com and we’ll get you the definitive answer.

You can also get polarized lenses for your non-polarized frames. How cool is that? Most WX frames and lenses can be purchased separately and recombined.

Wiley X Replacement Lenses

You can get replacement lenses for your Black Ops sunglasses. You may find, though, that changing them out is a challenge. You’ll get the hang of it. Wiley X designs their lenses so they will not dislodge under impact. They’re supposed to say in the frames, right?

Your sunglasses or replacement lenses should come with an instruction card that will give you the information you’ll need to get the job done.

Which WX Models Accept Prescriptions?

Nearly all WX and many Black Ops models can be Rx. The experts at FramesDirect.com can give you the low-down on exactly which models can be fitted with prescription lenses. FramesDirect.com only works with the Wiley X Lab for all WX prescription orders. The lenses come with a certification of authenticity and are covered by the Wiley X one year warranty.

By the way, WX prescription lenses still meet ANSI Z87.1-2010 for high mass impact, high-velocity protection, and optical safety standards.

What is Wiley X’s Digiforce® Lens Technology?

Wrap lenses can be tricky things for lens designers—their curvature causes aberrations at the lens periphery. Wrap compensations take the refracted Rx and adjust it for the position of the frame when worn, considering wrap angle, frame tilt, and vertex distance for superior quality vision. The WX digital surfacing technology minimizes peripheral distortion. 

Digiforce Lens Technology allows WX to customize each prescription by creating a back surface that adjusts to the angle of the eye, reducing peripheral distortion. The result is prescription lenses that are up to 10x more accurate than normally surfaced lenses.

The Wiley X Facial Cavity Seal

Not only does Wiley X provide the active individual with world-class protection against impacts, but they also can protect against dust, pollen, and wind with their patented facial cavity seals. 

Dust, pollen, and wind can lead to Dry Eye Syndrome, while peripheral light can reduce optical clarity. The Wiley X patented, removable, soft foam seal blocks irritants and peripheral light, protecting eyes and allowing polarized lenses to perform at peak levels, especially useful for boating and motorcycling—anywhere you expect to receive a face full of wind. The soft seal provides a comfortable barrier to keep foreign objects from irritating the eyes, allowing you to maintain focus the task at hand.

Wiley X Frame Markings

When you take possession of your first pair of Black Ops, you may notice a variety of markings on the frames. Here is a key to what they mean.

  • +  Means the frames and temples, or goggle frame passes ANSI Z87.1

              high-velocity and high-impact testing

  • -2 Means the frame can be fitted with prescription lenses.

  • A:WX  WX is the official Wiley X manufacturer mark, required by, and must precede,

              all ANSI markings.

  • S The lens is a filter or shaded lens (not clear.)

  • V The lens is a variable tint, or photochromic (light adjusting)

  • Z87 Indicates the ANSI standard designation and means the frames and temples, or

              goggle frames pass the ANSI Z87.1 standard.

Wiley X is one of the most durable and eye-catching eyewear companies around. The Black Ops collection is one of their most distinctive models. At FramesDirect.com, you’ll be sure to find the right frames to express just the look you want and to give you the protection you need.

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