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Cool Trendy Eyewear & Shades

Cool & Trendy Eyewear

Cool, trendy eyewear is characterized by frames that follow current, seasonal fashion trends. Themes typically found in cool, trendy eyewear include bright colors and the latest, popular features like snap on lenses, and hingeless frames. Certain frames and patterns can be seen as staples in this type of style, while other aspects are constantly changing. Recently, oversized rims and large temples have been trending in sunglasses, along with bold, solid colors, and multicolored rims.

Bright colors and patterns can be used to liven up any outfit. The difficult part of these frames is that they can be difficult to match with. Take the time to think ahead about your personal, fashion style before purchasing these frames, so you know that they will fit in well with your clothing style. FramesDirect carries trendy, patterned frames that have bright, solid colors, and other frames that have dark, muted colors, for you to be able to find a frame that fits your needs. We also offer a variety of animal, floral, and fashion prints (havana, tortoise, etc.).

Cool, trendy frames are also a way in which you can stand out when wearing your glasses. Wayfarers and aviators are common frame shapes associated with cool and trendy styles. Ray-Ban is a staple brand that works hard to create fashion staples that are timeless. Today, many celebrities can be seen wearing Aviators, Wayfarers, and Club Masters in true, Ray-Ban fashion. Another famous, trendy style, is the John Lennon glasses. These frames are associated with the icon, John Lennon and are seen in many street and festival-style collections.

Another important aspect to look at, when choosing cool, modern eyewear, are small details. Details in frames such as a key hole bridge, a double bridge, or pointed end points, like in cat eye frames, can make any neutral colored frame pop. These details can mean the difference between a sleek, professional frame and a young, fashionable one.

Finally, do not sacrifice fashion for comfort. At the end of the day, your frames have to be on your face for more than a couple of hours. If the frames do not feel comfortable, get them adjusted immediately, or maybe exchange them for a new pair. Look and style is half of the cost of your frames, the rest is about making sure that you feel cool and comfortable while wearing them.

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