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Mirrored Sunglasses

Mirrored Sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses make a bold fashion statement. From Cool Hand Luke to The Terminator, traditionally mirrored shades are known for giving off an air of power. Some people even call them “cop shades.” But you don’t have to be a motorcycle cop, a pilot, or any other authority figure, to pull off this look. And you don’t have to get them in the classic Aviator shape! Mirrored sunglasses are gaining popularity in high fashion as well as sport performance spheres.

Sometimes called “flash coating” mirrored coatings are a highly reflective layer that can be added in different densities to achieve a more or less opaque look -the more layers that are applied, the more solid and reflective the end result. Although mirrored sunglasses are a striking style statement, they are not purely cosmetic. This coating will decrease the amount of light to your eyes; reduce glare, and increase clarity and visibility. Make sure your choice of sunglasses includes UV protection. It’s also worthwhile looking into anti-reflective coating on the front and back of the lens (to reduce backside reflection - when light hits the back of lens and bounces into the eye.)

Mirrored shades are available in a rainbow of colors, you can learn more here about the different optical benefits of the various tints.

Mirrored sunglasses may reflect the world, but they also reflect something the wearer. Use them to look cool and mysterious, to avoid eye contact, or to hide behind if you’re suffering from allergies or had a rough night before!

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