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5 Reasons to Get a Second Pair of Glasses

5 Reasons to Get a Second Pair of Glasses

As Americans, we find it acceptable to have multiple TVs and multiple purses, but we tend to skimp when it comes to our eyes. There are many scenarios in which it is appropriate and sometimes necessary for us to have two separate pairs of glasses. Here are just five of the most popular reasons why you should consider a second pair.

1. Eye Glasses and Sun Glasses

Unless you are willing to go with a pair of Transitions Lenses, it is important to recognize just how much the sun and its rays affect our eyes! According to the 2015 UV Rays Report by the Vision Council, 1 in 4 Americans rarely or never wear sunglasses and even less report protecting their eyes on cloudy and rainy days when UV rays can still affect your eyesight. Eye damage from the sun is cumulative, which means that the times you do wear sunglasses do not make up for the times you skimp. If you have light colored eyes, your eyes are more sensitive to UV rays and more prone to degenerative eye diseases later in life. In general, sunglasses should be worn outside in most weather.

2. A Fashion Statement Backup

Many men and women will change their purse, shoes, or accessories with each outfit, why not your glasses? Designer glasses range in style, color, shape, and versatility so that you can love your glasses with every outfit! FramesDirect.com offers the largest selection of designer brands so that you can find the perfect pair for you face shape, prescription, and preference. Also, if you do lose a pair of glasses, it's better to have a back up pair that is up to date with your current prescription. Better than pulling out last year's outdated frames!

3. Near and Distance Vision

For middle-aged, glasses wearers, the term presbyopia might be the subject of an upcoming conversation with your optometrist. This a natural part of aging that inhibits our ability to see well at all distances. For those that are farsighted, you may find yourself holding books and magazines at arms length to be able to read them more clearly. In some cases, bifocals and progressive lenses provide an easy fix to this problem. However, in other cases, two pairs of glasses tend to be the best solution. When a full range of vision is required for activities like driving or when bifocal vision glasses can cause posture problems, like during sustained computer work, one pair of single vision glasses for distance and another for near is the safest solution.

4. Sports

Here at FramesDirect.com we LOVE athletes, and more, importantly, we love protecting their eyes! Athletes who play outdoor sports without protective gear suffer from degenerative eye diseases long term, so it’s important to buy prescription, protective sunglasses. Sports eyewear is different that regular eyewear. Most sports glasses are specifically made to be scratch, shatter, and UV resistant in a way that regular sunglasses are not. FramesDirect.com offers a variety of sports protective glasses with prescription lenses. For those athletes who don’t play outdoors, it is still important to protect one of the most important and vulnerable parts of your body with indoor protective eyewear, which is also available with prescription lenses.

5. Night and Day Vision

Many men and women in the United States suffer from what is commonly referred to as night blindness (or nyctanopia). Night blindness can be caused by genetics, an insufficient amount of vitamin A, or by the onset of cataracts. The only real way to know for sure that you suffer from night blindness, is to get a comprehensive eye exam from your optometrist. However, should you find yourself in this situation, there are many types of lenses that can help ease your symptoms at night. For example, specially tinted lenses with an Anti-Reflective Coating can reduce glare when driving in low lighting. In either case, the glasses that you use for night blindness may not be effective if it’s very sunny outside, so a second pair of glasses is not only the most comfortable solution, but also the safest.

Buying a second pair of glasses can be a safety decision, or a fashion one. In either case, FramesDirect.com gives you many options to help protect your eyes!

Contact one of our experienced opticians if you have any questions about lenses tints, prescription sportswear, or just a question about our glasses in general!

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