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Cheap Prescription Sunglasses

You may feel comfortable buying regular sunglasses off the rack of a grocery store, but if you’re thinking of buying prescription sunglasses, you might want to make a slightly larger investment. Here's why:

Common Issues w/ Discount Prescription Sunglasses

They tend to break.

FramesDirect.com offers 250 lifestyle, high-end and designer brands that adhere to a high standard of quality in materials. That means there's less of a chance that frames will break or lenses will pop out.

Lens quality varies.

We only offer lenses made by the world's largest lens manufacturer, Essilor - and in a state-of-the-art in-house lab. Avoid the warped or blurry vision that are prevalent in discount prescription shades and make sure your eyewear company uses industry-leading lenses and a reputable lab.

Service may be compromised.

FramesDirect.com is staffed with a team of expert opticians who check each order and follow up with a six-step quality control check before products are shipped. Make sure you do your homework before choosing your eyewear retailer to ensure the customer service is top notch.

Lens options are limited.

FramesDirect.com offers add-ons that make vision clearer and more comfortable, like polarized lenses, UV protection and anti-reflective coating. Cheap prescription sunglasses may have the basics covered, but your eyes deserve quality treatment.

Quality Prescription Shades for Less

FramesDirect.com understands the importance of value - that’s why we offer designer prescription sunglasses for less than most retailers. However, we also understand the importance of quality and brand authenticity.

If you are set on finding discount prescription sunglasses, please check the company’s online reviews before you purchase your eyewear. Make sure the company offers a 30-day return policy, a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and that most customers give the company a positive review.

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