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are contacts better than glasses
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Are Glasses Better Than Contacts?

The differences between glasses and contacts are many, but neither is better than the other. In fact, people who wear contacts should also own a pair of glasses. You can’t wear your contact lenses 24/7 so you will need a backup.

Contact lenses will give you clearer vision, with less distortion, than glasses. Glasses sit about ½ inch from the eye and the frames can interfere with peripheral vision. And contacts are great for active lifestyles and playing sports, since you won't be in danger of breaking or losing your glasses.

Which one is better depends upon many factors that will be personal to you. For example, if you spend a lot of time outside, you may prefer contacts so glasses won’t slide down your face when you sweat, or fog up in the rain and cold. Or, you may prefer glasses because they protect your eyes from wind, dirt and debris.

Are contact lenses good for your eyes?

Modern contact lenses are very breathable and healthy for your eyes, as long as you disinfect or replace them as often as directed; that will be either daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your preference. Problems can occur if you do not take proper care when handling and disinfecting them. Simply because you are touching your eyes more, the chances of getting an eye infection are higher. Wearing contact lenses for long periods can contribute to dry eye and computer vision syndrome since contacts reduce the amount of oxygen that reaches your eyes.

Who can wear contact lenses?

Just about anyone. Contact lens technology has progressed so there are contact lenses to correct all types of vision problems. Contact lenses can can be made bifocal or multi-focal and contacts can correct astigmatism just as well, if not better than eyeglasses.

Do contact lenses cost more than glasses?

Glasses are less expensive in the long run because they do not need to be replaced as often. However, if you break your glasses they can be expensive to replace.

Some other factors to consider:

PRO Glasses

  • Glasses are a fashion statement that's becoming increasingly popular. You will miss the chance to accessorize if you choose contact lenses.
  • You can't fall asleep in your contacts unless they are made for extended wear.
  • Debris caught between your eye and your contact lens can cause a scratch on your cornea (which would mean you have to take a break from your contact lenses for a couple of days to allow it to heal.)

PRO Contact Lenses

  • If you have a strong prescription, the thickness of your eyeglass lenses can distort the appearance of your eyes.
  • Sometimes glasses pinch behind your ears or nose, causing headaches.
  • If you wear contacts, you can choose from a wider variety of stylish non-prescription sunglasses.

One last tip when choosing between glasses and contacts; remember that contact lens prescriptions are different from eyeglass prescriptions. Remember get your eyes checked once a year.

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