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glasses for your personality Semi-Rimless Rimless Oval Rectangle Wayfarer Round Wayfarer Cat-Eye Aviator Oversized Round Exaggerated Cat-Eye Square Wraps Rectangle Circle Horn-Rimmed

Glasses for Your Personality Type, for Women

What do your glasses say about you?

The best frames for your personality

The Minimalist

  • Serious business to casual, a classic frame will complement any style or occasion

  • Gold, silver, brown, gray and black tones with minimalistic design

  • Semi-rimless / Rimless / Oval / Rectangle

The Hipster

  • Melding vintage-inspired style with a modern twist to create the latest trends

  • Thick rims, plastic frames, edgy colors, patterns, or design details

  • Wayfarer / Round

Ray Ban Wayfarers were introduced in 1952, soon after becoming popular with celebrities like Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol, & Audrey Hepburn

The Rocker

  • Rockin’ it old school with retro-vintage frames conveying a ‘50’s, ‘60s, or ‘70’s look

  • Featuring thick rims or double bridges

  • Wayfarer / Cat-eye / Aviator

Buddy Holly’s signature black frame glasses were rock’n’roll’s first great fashion statement

The Fashionista

  • Distinguished designer frames show sophistication with skillful detailing and precision

  • Ornate accents in a wide variety of materials and geometric shapes

  • Crystal accents / Precision details

The Bohemian

  • Make a statement with funky unusual shapes and accentuated features

  • Unique style with bold, bright colors/patterns, and over-the-top embellishments

  • Oversized round / Exaggerated cat-eye / Square

Marilyn Monroe’s character in the 1959 film “Some Like it Hot” inspired the cat-eye trend of the ‘60s

The Athlete

  • For a sporty look that’s functional even in the most extreme conditions

  • Sleek lines, performance-enhancing specializations, and polarized sunglasses

  • Wraps / Semi-Rimless / Rectangle

In 1936 polarized sunglasses hit the market with Edwin H. Land’s patented Polaroid filter lenses

The (not-so-old-fashioned) Nerd

  • Channel your inner nerd with geek-chic styles that bring out the bookworm in you

  • Classic or retro vintage styles

  • Circle / Horn-rimmed

Whether you want to stand out from the crowd or just feel comfortable in your own skin, finding the frames that define what makes your style unique is easy at FramesDirect.com

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