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Measure Glasses Size Infographic

How to Measure for Glasses Size

A Frame Size Guide

Buying glasses online can be intimidating—but it’s doesn’t have to be!

What Are the Main Frame Measurements?

  • Eye size (width of the lenses, horizontally.) The most important measurement
  • Bridge size (the piece that connects the lenses and sits on the bridge of nose.) The shortest distance between the lenses.
  • Temple size (arms) Length from the lens to the end of the piece that wraps around the ear; from the hinge to the very tip of the arm
  • Lens height or "B Measurement." Anything over 25mm is progressive friendly.

Find Your Frame Size
So you already have glasses that fit but need a new pair?

Check for sizing information on temple or bridge

Eye and bridge size are often next to each other, but are sometimes separated by a square box

Temple size may be next, but there could be other information between (i.e. frame model or color/size number)

Range of measurements • Eye: 40mm-62mm • Bridge: 14mm-24mm • Temple: 120mm-150mm

Finding Frames that Fit like a Glove

  • Frame Width - the frame should be slightly wider than your face, more than a fingers width between the temple and your face is a sign the frame is too wide
  • Level with eyebrows - You dont want too much eyebrow showing above or below the frames
  • Bridge fit - needs to sit flush with the bridge of your nose unless its a keyhole bridge

What Eye Size is right for you?

  • Small (Under 50mm)
  • Medium (51-54mm)
  • Large (56+)

Temple (Arm) Length
Common sizes are 135mm, 140mm, 145mm,150mm

Should sit horizontally and hug the ear

More Tips

  • Eyes should be centered in the width of the lenses- Frames that are too wide will make your eyes look close together and vice versa
  • Pupillary distance -Looking in a mirror, place millimeter ruler on the bridge of your nose,Measure distance between the center of your pupils • i.e., black dots in middle of eyes
  • Bridge If your nose is higher on your face, look for a bridge even with the browline of the frame If your nose is lower on your face, look for a lower bridge with a curved browline

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