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how to tighten glasses

How to Adjust Your Glasses

If your glasses aren't sitting quite right, there are some minor adjustments you can make at home. Use a very light touch when manipulating your glasses. Remember, some frames are made of materials that cannot be adjusted, such as titanium and memory metal. You can gently make the following adjustments, but please see an optician for any serious adjustments. If you damage or break your frames, they will no longer be covered under warranty.

Glasses sitting too low

If your glasses have adjustable nose pads, the fix is quite simple. You lightly push in on the arm that connects the nose pad on each side to tighten them.

glasses too low

Glasses sitting too high or pinching

If your glasses are pinching your nose, push the nosepads out towards the temples.

fix glasses pinching

Glasses sliding down

If you decide to adjust your temples, it helps to warm them up under a hot tap or with a hairdryer for a few seconds. If your glasses are sliding down, bend the ear pieces to make a more exaggerated curve.

glasses slide down

Glasses hurting behind the ears

If your glasses are too tight behind the ear, after warming the temple, gently bend upwards to relax the curve.

glasses hurt behind ears

One side is higher than the other...

If your glasses are sitting unevenly on your face, bend the temple that's opposite of the side that is sitting too high. Bend it down to increase the curve.

If you have questions about finding the perfect fitting frames, check out this infographic or contact one of our experienced opticians.

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