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Medical Reasons for Wearing Sunglasses

Sunglasses make you look cool and mysterious, but sunglasses are not solely intended for fashion.There are several medical benefits to wearing sunglasses; they block UV radiation, protect eyes from sunburn, and help prevent cataracts. Not to mention, this protection leaves your eyes feeling comfortable and relaxed.

UV Protection

Most sunglasses come with UV protection to shield the wearer’s eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. UV rays can contribute to cataracts, cornea damage, and have other damaging effects to the eye. Today the science of UV protective sunglasses is so advanced that many brands are able to offer 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Reduce Headaches and Eyestrain

Intense sunlight can bring on migraine, tension, and other types of headaches caused by eyestrain. Sun damage to the cornea is another headache-inducing effect of sunlight. By wearing sunglasses under bright conditions, headaches can be reduced and in some cases even prevented.

Keep Your Eyes Wet

By blocking the sun’s light and heat, sunglasses help keep the eyes moist by slowing the evaporation of tears. The eyes need moisture to focus and perform correctly, so sunglasses can actually improve vision under intense sunlight.

Medication-Induced Photosensitivity

Medication-induced photosensitivity a side effect from a prescribed medication which results in an abnormal sensitiveness to light. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs have been known to cause photosensitivity. When this happens, normal light conditions become unbearable causing headaches, pain, and other symptoms. Wearing sunglasses reduces the effects of medication-induced photosensitivity by subduing the light as it enters the eye.

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Reduce Effect of Jet Lag

Jet lag is the disruption of biological rhythms due to plane travel through different time zones. This effect is related to human biology, not psychology (as some assume.) Sunglasses are effective in preventing jet lag because reducing the sunlight that enters the eye can blur the body’s awareness of time change. Sunglasses can help trick the human body into believing that it has not passed through a different time zone!

Eases Photophobia

Like photosensitivity, photophobia is an acute sensitivity to normal light conditions, only photophobia is not induced by medications. It is usually a symptom of another disease or infection. Patients that have photophobia typically experience moderate discomfort to severe pain in average light situations. Sunglasses ease the pain and discomfort caused by photophobia by lessening the amount of sunlight that reaches the eyes.

Medical and Industrial Trade Sunglasses

Since many industrial and medical trades utilize tools that emit strong UVA and UVB rays, it’s necessary for most workers in these environments to wear sunglasses for safety purposes. Welding torches emit UV rays, as do laser surgery tools used in hospitals. Surgeons and dentists will commonly use laser safety glasses for themselves and their patients during laser surgery. These glasses and goggles are individually tailored to block certain types of rays that are specific to the trade. Types of tinted lenses for these trades include, welding glasses and goggles, blowtorch goggles, and laser safety glasses.

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